Monday 26 February 2024

Easily Available Online Writing Jobs At Contentmart

Easily Available Online Writing Jobs At Contentmart

With the increase in need of quality content, websites now require expert online writers who can help them create content. There is one such platform where clients can find writers and vice versa – Contentmart. Reports say that it is the only Indian freelance job portal that provides opportunities to freelance writers and provides desired content writers to the clients.

Easily Available Online Writing Jobs At Contentmart

But is not Contentmart just another job portal?

Launched in 2015, Contentmart has opened avenues for online writing jobs. It is accessible to users across the globe. The website limits itself to only content related projects and so it is a meeting place where a client can meet the writer. Contentmart has revamped its website making it easier for both the client and writer to use.

What sets Contentmart apart?

Heard of mutual benefit? As it has limited itself to only content based freelance projects, not only does the site provides opportunities to writers, it makes sure that the writers are working for a genuine client.

Contentmart offers the most transparent and fully secured payment process.

How does it Work?

For Clients

Registration – Log on to and register yourself as a client with your email ID. One can also register via Facebook.

Create Order – Log into your account and go to the new order to create your order. Add the following details.

  • Title of the project
  • Deadline
  • Category – blogs, articles, descriptions, social media writing etc.
  • Expertise
  • Language
  • Price
  • Articles Quantity
  • Words Required

You will start receiving bids from freelance writers once your order will be published. You can review the profiles of the writers and choose the writer.

For writers

Registration – Log on to and register yourself as a writer with your email ID or you can also register via Facebook.

Qualify – All the writers need to qualify a compulsory English test. Writers can also get a verified status from Contentmart. To become a verified writer, all the freelance writers need to submit an essay on the topics provided by Contentmart’s team and once that essay will get verified by their professional linguists you will get a verified status for your profile.

Bidding – Place Bids on the Live Projects

Complete – Once the client assigns a project complete the same within the given time period and submit it to the client.

A writer bids on a project and if awarded the payable amount is blocked from the client. On the other hand, to assure the quality of the content, the payment is only released when the client is satisfied with what has been delivered. So the portal works for both the parties equally satisfying the needs of both creating a spontaneous trust.

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