Friday 01 March 2024

Education As A Way To Fight With Terrorism

Education As A Way To Fight With Terrorism

Since last year, not a day passed by where i didn’t switch off the news being saddened by what humanity has come to. Everyday, there is a new bomb blast, a new terrorist activity. Everyday hundreds of people suffer at the hands of terrorism. Our children are being brought up in a world where they are surrounded by death and yet they seem unbothered by the fact that their fellow brothers and sisters are dying in another part of the world right now because it is an everyday news.

Education As A Way To Fight With Terrorism

There are many groups and militaries fighting terrorism globally, putting their lives at risk to save us. However, fighting terrorism with arms and weapons will not finish it rather ignite it. We need to think of a strategy that is above all this. Something, which affects the roots of extremism and stops it from replicating.  Spreading education can help us achieve that goal. Terrorism cannot be defined as a particular religion or community, it is a single minded operation to destroy others for its own agendas. We will be discussing few ways in which education can be used to eradicate terrorism completely and restore peace in this world.

  • Educate the youth: Making education common in third world countries and overall in the world can be useful in combatting terrorism. There are countries in which children are not allowed to get education, especially girls. Terrorist groups mostly target the minds of young ones. It is easier to manipulate them as they are still developing and are unaware of the outside world. Providing educational opportunities to children all over the world will ensure the destruction of terrorism. They can tell right from wrong and empower them to stand up for what they believe in.
  • More opportunities by educating people: Mostly weak minded, poor and uneducated people turn to terrorism to provide for their families. As they are uneducated, they don’t have many opportunities to land a job to make money. These people are easily attracted to different ways to earn money – one of them being terrorism. Terrorist groups give sufficient amount to them and promise to provide for their families after they die. Promises like these can make any poor man weak. Thus education will increase the employment opportunities for common man. This will ensure a secure earning for lower class without falling into the traps of terrorists.
  • Education can bring positive social change: Studies show that many people turn to terrorism to avenge themselves from the world. World doesn’t provide them with ample opportunities like employment, equal social status and proper education. They will be willing to commit major crimes without giving it a second thought as long as they are well provided for their efforts. Education can bring a positive change in the society with promoting equality and justice. It can soften even the hearts and minds of people who have been following their old culture of their previous generations. It will remove discrimination from the society.
  • Promotes self-discipline: Education is a powerful method to change mindsets of masses. It can bring social discipline and also decreases the violent temptations that can arise in a person by discrimination and injustice implicated on them by the society. It can tame even the wildest ones. It teaches peaceful existence while promoting self-assessment.

By making our efforts to educate the world, we can one day live in a world that is free from terrorism. There will be no more killings and deaths followed by the misery of thousands. Terrorism can be fought by educations and employment opportunities provided to the people.

Author Bio: This article was written by Linda Lee, who is a graphic designer by profession. She likes to write in her free time at assignment help service . She is an art enthusiast and loves music.