Tuesday 28 May 2024

Everything You Know About Skilled Independent Visa Australia

skilled independent visa australia

Australia is an ideal and leading country for immigration in the whole world. The country provide some of the visas to the people who wants to migrate in Australia. The visas of australia include- permanent resident visa, student visa, temporary skilled worker visa, working holiday visa and visitor visa. Australia offers tons of valuable experience and opportunities the new immigrants. Each single year number of migrants are drawn to this country due to its cultural diversity, standard of living, high wages and high employment rates. As there is a high demand of skilled workers and comparatively low supply. Australian country welcomes skilled workers or labourers to live and work in the renowned country.

skilled independent visa australia

There are number of reasons which makes australia a most renowned country for settlement. Skilled labours or individuals are highly attracted because of numerous job opportunities. Though, there are numerous ways through which an individual can easily apply for migration in Australia. Skilled immigration program can be the best source to get permanent residence in the country. Individuals who do not have any sponsor or de-facto partner in Australia, can apply for PR through this visa program. As, it is extremely very difficult to get permanent residency in Australia without a nomination from family member, territory or employer. That is why skilled independent visa is designed for the highly skilled candidates.

Eligibility Requirements of This Visa

Here is the quick list of eligibility requirements of this visa are as follows-

  • You are required to lodge an EOI (expression of interest) via skill select.
  • It is highly required for individuals to have an individuals from the Australian department of immigration to apply for skilled independent visa australia.
  • You must clear the skills assessment through occupation.
  • Your occupation must be mentioned in the latest occupations list.
  • For this visa, language proficiency is highly required.
  • Age requirements- candidates should be between the age of 18- 45 years.
  • Individuals are required to have good character and health to settle in Australia. Usually, health and character requirements are estimated through the relevant certificates.

Perks Of Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

After getting skilled independent visa australia, you will be able to enjoy the perks of this visa freely. Here is the list of Australia immigration subclass 189 benefits are as follows-

  • You would be able to work and live in the Australian country.
  • You can enroll yourself in any of the Australian university or institution as well.
  • Skilled independent visa avail social welfare programs as well as health care programs for immigrants.
  • Australian citizenship is given to the immigrants or individuals only after three years of permanent residence.

If you wish to enjoy all these perks of skilled independent visa, then it is needed for you to at least score 60 or more than 60 points with the help of your visa application. You can check your points through australia’s points calculator. Consult any well known migration firm before applying for any of the Australian visa.