Monday 22 July 2024

Explore The Best Historical Sights In Sydney

Long time before Sydney became modern metropolis we know today, it was populated only with indigenous people, and then, in the late 18th century it gradually become a home to dozens of European convicts, what was the moment when unique Sydney’s history started to shape. Those moments reflect the times when Sydney was unique historical battlefield, but until these days we’re blessed to feel irresistible past-time spirit permeating the oldest Australian city. This is the list of unavoidable historical treasures you must pay a visit while in Sydney:

The Rocks

If looking for spot where history so powerfully shows its presence, go to The Rocks area, piece of harbour land initially populated by Cadigal aboriginals and then a very first part of Australia which welcomed Europeans.

Explore The Best Historical Sights In Sydney

Until these days this area keeps unique face of Sydney’s history offering visitors over 100 preserved historical sites, authentic street panorama that features pristine colonial buildings and Rocks Discovery Museum as spectacular overview of coexistence and city’s evolution.

Cadman’s Cottage

Built in 1816., Cadman’s cottage is Sydney’s oldest residential house survived until those days and the first house built on the coasts of The Rocks area.

Explore The Best Historical Sights In Sydney

With architecture exuding irresistible Georgian style, the cottage was home to British convict and late, governmental coxswain, John Cadman. Apart from witnessing impressive Sydney’s evolution, Cadman’s cottage is rare testimony of early colonial style, and as such, definitely worth everyone’s visit.

Randwick City

As a part of eastern Sydney suburbs once hosting mostly Cadigal tribes, Randwick city area carries intriguing historical happenings and powerful influence of Victorian period.

Explore The Best Historical Sights In Sydney

One of the most impressive Randwick City features are gorgeous Victorian-style buildings. If you want to experience true Victorian mansion interiors look for authentic accommodation in Randwick area.

La Perouse Museum

Situated in the north part of Botany Bay National Park, La Perouse museum keeps the stories of year long expedition of French explorer, the Comte de Lapérouse, who before his mysterious disappearance conducted number of significant explorations of local area and Aboriginal community.

Explore The Best Historical Sights In Sydney

Apart from admiring old-style exterior of museum building, you can explore extraordinary documentation end expedition related exhibits.

George Street

As the oldest Australia’s street, George Street marks fascinating transformation from unknown convicts’ punishment area to hot urban hub, but what makes this street so special is immense historical atmosphere consisted in magnificent architecture. The focal point is Queen Victoria Building, authentic display of opulent Romanesque style and devotion to once reigning monarch, where glamorous ornaments offer instant connection to Victorian era.

Explore The Best Historical Sights In Sydney

Further along the street you can spot finest neo-gothic architectural treasure, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, the oldest cathedral church in Australia whose Perpendicular Gothic interior presents stunning scenery to see.

Hyde Park

This spatial lawn area which carries the name of its London “relative’, today stands as rich historical centrepiece of Sydney, so apart from World War I memorials, such as Archibald Fountain and Anzac War Memorial (which pays tribute to war victims), you can feel Georgian spirit too.

Explore The Best Historical Sights In Sydney

Head for Queens Square to admire fascinating Hyde Park Barracks, Supreme Court and St James’s Church, the artworks of genuine convict architect, Sir Francis Greenway, but if you can’t get enough of stunning Australian history, come by to Australian Museum and explore the greatest country historical collections.

With dozens of authentic historical sites and architectural wonders to remind us on transformation path by which Sydney walked during centuries, this city offers ultimate journey through rich Australian history.