Friday 19 July 2024

Explore The World and Take Your Home With You

For the rest of the world, home is where the heart is. For the people with truck campers home is wherever they want it to be. Still, majority of people are still pretty skeptical about these neat vehicles. On the first glance, they do look very small and crowded. Driving and maintaining them must be exhausting. All these doubts vanish, however, once you actually try spending a vacation in a camper truck, and you quickly realize that they offer more freedom you would ever have in a hotel, or under the tent. But why is that so?

Explore The World and Take Your Home With You

Great Agility

Truck campers are, actually, very capable and agile beasts. Sure, we are not talking about the highway; in that environment they can even look clunky. The field where truck campers are outshining the regular RVs are unpredictable situations. Due to their shorter length, truck campers feature turning radius which is light years ahead of some usual RV, so finding a free parking space or backing up will be much easier. Also, truck camper will be able to get you literally everywhere from unpaved roads to beautiful sandy beaches, and let you enjoy them on the go, without need to set up anything.

Enjoying the World for Free

Now, you can always drive your car to some hotel with the access to a beach or find some mountain cottage where you will spend your holidays, but how many of them come for free? Truck campers are, on the other side, perfect for boondocking. Many of them have more than enough energy and tank capacity to keep you running for at least several days, but why satisfy with that? If Mat Damon’s “The Martian” has taught us anything that would be that you can go great lengths if you are just resourceful enough. Bring a few solar panels, and learn how to conserve water on the road, and you will easily extend that time to week or more.

The Price is Right

Although they look pretty expensive, the truck campers are really nothing like that. As a matter of fact you can find basic pop-up for not more than AUD 11,000. That gives you more than enough room for calculations and compromises. The fuel economy, will, naturally, depend on vehicle’s size and functionality. The good news is that the average consumption is lower than the one of RVs. Still, some more voracious beasts can be replaced with efficient diesel, or bio-diesel alternatives, and once you upgrade your vehicle to accommodate some of the self bundled capacious fuel tanks you will have no further worries fuel-wise.

Further Savings

Truck campers can be easily stored on your property. Even if you have to place them on some storage lot, their size will allow you to pay lower storage. Same goes once you are on vacation. If you have to pay some rent for the space you are going to use, costs will be low enough to make everything worthwhile. It should be also mentioned that truck insurance covers the camper too.

Your Home on Wheels

Finally, truck campers are your own little houses you can just start and drive anywhere you want. Beds are comfortable, kitchens are more than capable; all you need for a perfect vacation is already in place. Sure, hotel rooms are cozier, but truck campers are yours, so you have the freedom to customize and decorate them according to your own taste. And they are far more comfortable than tents, and other camping alternatives. In the end, more you use them, more they will become an extension of your home you use for vacations.

Truck campers are more than capable vehicles. Give them a chance and you will see that for yourself. Once you fall in love with them, all of your travels will be more pleasant because you will spend them in the comfort of your small, mobile home.