Sunday 26 May 2024

Exploring The City Of Paris In 3 Days

Exploring the city of Paris in 3 days

Exploring Paris had long since topped my bucket list and it took me years to be able to tick it off as done. Why? Paris is expensive and being a salaried person, I had to wait quite a while before I had enough funds to achieve my dream. Discovering Paris was one of the most memorable experiences to date for me. Today I share my 3 days in Paris with you…

Day 1:

Landing at Charles de Gualle Airport, I took a taxi straight to my hotel as it was quite late. Of course, I had opted for a late night flight so I could save a bit of money on the air ticket. Being on a tight budget, I had booked Hotel ibis Budget Paris Porte de Vincennes for my stay. I had found out about this hotel on the web and it was not only affordable but seemed nice too. I tried not to raise my expectations as I journeyed towards the hotel. Maybe this was why I got pleasantly surprised as I reached there. I would rate my hotel experience a 4 out of 5 stars keeping in mind the amount of money I had paid for my stay. For budget travelers like myself, this hotel is highly recommended. It includes all the benefits that should be included in the budget of your choice especially the economy budget

Exploring The City Of Paris In 3 Days

Waking up to a bright sunny day, I was all set to explore and experience Paris of 1920s that I had read about in books and seen in the movies. My first stop was naturally the Eiffel Tower. It is after all the most iconic and popular spot in all of Europe. The gigantic tower was a wonder to witness in real life. It had some kind of life in it which was spreading to whole city which was filled with love.

My next stop was Notre-Dame Paris. This 13th century church is an architectural wonder and its design continues to attract visitors from every part of the world. It is one of the finest examples of French Gothic Architecture. I would rate the Cathedral higher than the Eiffel Tower as it contained the essence of great architecture of French Gothic people.

I ate an early dinner at Restaurant Jardin Notre-Dame as it was near and looked good. It was a nice, cozy and casual place for eating. I enjoyed my meal and the hospitality of the staff.

Day 2:

I woke up earlier on day 2 as I had plans of exploring the famous ‘The Louvre’ Museum. The museum was one of the few reasons I wanted to visit Paris so bad. Housed in a magnificent Palace, the museum has the biggest collection of antiques, objects and art. I spent hours strolling the museum until it was time for it to close. You truly get to experience Paris of 1920s at this museum and understand why many refer to that time period as the “crazy years”.

Afterwards, I decided to eat at Le Cinq, a gourmet restaurant that I had heard about from plenty of friends. It is an ideal place to experience the exotic French cuisine.

Day 3:

Since my flight was late at night, I had plenty of time to explore the remaining popular places in Paris. I visited the Sainte-Chapelle, strolled around in the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg gardens and walked around in the hustling bustling Champs-Elysees Street. My 3 days passed in a blur and I hope to return again soon to discover more of this vibrant city.