Monday 15 April 2024

Gastronomy At St. Barts: Food At Its Finest

The jewel of the French West Indies is world-renowned for its jet-setters and A-lists that air kiss over glasses of champagne and rose, the beautiful cobalt-green seas, the long stretches of white-sand beaches, and, of course, the quality and variety of the food.

For those with a demanding palate, St. Barts is an earthy heaven for it provides an unusually broad range of foods one can find at local grocery stores, and an impressive plethora of local restaurants offering exquisite dishes and menus featuring French cuisine infused with Caribbean flavors.

Gastronomy At St. Barts: Food At Its Finest

Besides the particularly laid-back lifestyle, gastronomy seems to play a vital role in people’s lives, both local and tourists alike. It is a way of life that goes far beyond one’s need to eat just to maintain their body functions. Food is celebrated here in every possible way, providing foodies (and not only) with thoughtfully prepared, creative, dishes and a fine dinning experience.

Be it an early morning, heart-fulfilling breakfast at O Corail (Grand Cul de Sac) while gazing the emerald green of the lagoon and feeling your senses awaken by the refreshing ocean breeze or a late night supper at Le BAZ Bar (Gustavia) with some live music and lots of delicious sushi from local and seasonal fish, it is difficult not to appreciate the masterful blends of local flavors with traditional French cuisine combined with the lovely landscape.

Looking for a hip place with a romantic appeal to please your taste buds? La Plage Restaurant is where you can dip your feet in the sand and enjoy a rich variety of culinary styles or something as simple as a sandwich!

St. Barts is the place where each restaurant has its own unique atmosphere, tastes from around the world, and an expert chef whose originality and specialties draw crowds. From spring rolls of bacon and shrimps to fresh grilled lobster, slices of grilled beef filet, Creole dishes (i.e. stuffed crab and “accras”) and Chinese noodle salads with coconut milk, one thing is for sure; you won’t be disappointed. Some restaurants also have tanks where you can pick the fish or lobster you would like to taste and then have the chef prepare the selected fish especially for you!

To complete the menu, you will find wines from local vintages, as well as some of the best Bourgogne and Bordeaux wines in France, such as Vogué, Méo-Camuzet, and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, at wine and liquor stores located all around the island (i.e. Le Cellier du gouverneur on the waterfront in Gustavia).

The best thing about St. Barts, though, is that you can live the experience without even leaving your luxurious villa (There are more than 200 luxurious, spacious, and comfy St. Barts villa rentals to please your needs). Simply ask a chef to cook for you at your home or visit a gourmet take-out shop and savor a casual meal.