Wednesday 08 September 2021

Getting Married? Don't Forget Electrical Cable

Weddings are complicated. Not all considerations are obvious. Electrical cable is very important to a lot of weddings – here’s why.

Why Is Electrical Cable Important?

Some weddings won’t need electrical cable – some will. If you are planning a wedding held entirely in an indoor venue, then your venue should be dealing with all the issues of power supply, although it’s always wise to check. There are many weddings, however, which do need power supply issues to be considered, especially in the summer months. Marquees, outdoor banquets, floodlit evenings and music tents all require a safe, secure and reliable power supply. That means electric cables and good electrical cable suppliers.

Getting Married Don't Forget Electrical Cable

3 Ways of Powering Your Tent or Marquee Event

  1. Connect extension cables into existing plug sockets in your house. This is a method used for small parties, but it has considerable disadvantages. The domestic power supply can only power a small amount of equipment, and if the cables are not installed properly, you can damage your home’s circuitry. There are also a lot of cables to deal with.
  1. Connect directly to your fuse board. A qualified electrician should always do this. This requires only one cable to be run to the marquee, which is more efficient and safer. It should only be used, however, if you have enough spare capacity in your house – something your electrician should be able to advise about.
  1. Use a generator. This way, your power supply is not reliant on your house or on stretching cables across a lot of space. You won’t interrupt your domestic power supply, you can situate the marquee exactly where you need it and you won’t be affected by power cuts. Always make sure that your generator and the cable supplies to the equipment will be adequate – some marquee companies will help with this, but some won’t. Always double-check that you’ll have the power and the cabling that you need.

What Takes All the Power?

We sometimes take our electrical power supply for granted. If you’re planning an event which requires an outdoor power supply, or even an event inside which will require an extra electrical supply, then you need to plan in advance. At a wedding, power is usually needed for:

The Sound

Most weddings employ a DJ. Some employ a live band. Both need adequate power to be effective and enjoyable. And, of course, you need a sound system that will ensure everyone can hear those speeches.

The Lighting

You need tent lighting, you need dance lighting and you may well need exterior lighting and perimeter lighting. That’s a lot of lighting, and it will all require power.

The Catering

Even if you’re not doing the catering inside the marquee, you need food warmers and you need coffee machines. You may be needing to power refrigerators or a bar. All of this will need a steady and reliable power supply.

So electrical cable suppliers should be high on your list – maybe just after the florist?