Thursday 06 July 2023

Going Organic: 4 Benefits to Your Pet’s Health

Going Organic: 4 Benefits to Your Pet’s Health

When you choose a pet, it’s important to understand that it’s a long-term commitment that needs to be taken seriously. By keeping your pet healthy and happy, you ensure that they don’t suffer, even as they age. One of the most important components of good pet care is feeding your pet a nutritious diet. When it comes to pet food, no type of food offers more benefits than organic food.


If you’ve ever tasted the difference between non-organic and organic human food, you understand one of the main benefits of organic pet food. Thanks to its wholesome ingredients, organic pet food more completely satisfies your pet’s palette, which in turn helps your pet to finish more of their food. This ensures that you’re able to more closely track what your pet is eating so that you can spot changes in their food intake.

Make sure that you know what type of diet your pet needs. Different breeds of dogs need different things to stay healthy. Cats and dogs need different levels of fats and proteins in their diets. Check with a vet before making major changes to your pet’s diet.

Better Digestion

The artificial ingredients in processed pet food are hard for your pet to digest. This can lead to a variety of gastrointestinal issues that can send your pet to the veterinarian. On the other hand, organic pet food has real ingredients that are easy to break down, allowing your pet to have a more consistent bathroom schedule so that they don’t have accidents around your home.

If you notice your pet has loose or foul-smelling stool, it could be caused by their diet. As pets age, their dietary needs may change, so keep an eye on your pet’s health by taking note of changes in their stool as you clean up after them, whether it is in the yard or in the litter box.

Extended Lifespan

While nothing that you can do is a guarantee that your pet will live longer, adding organic pet food to your pet’s diet is one of the closest things to a guarantee that you can do. Real ingredients tend to cause less cell damage in your pet, which is one of the leading causes of age-related illnesses. Therefore, if you can’t bear the thought of losing your pet, then switching to organic pet food is a great way to take care of them.

If you dog or cat has special needs, make sure you are choosing a brand of food that fills their requirements. Check the ingredients before buying a new brand of pet food to ensure that their health needs are being met.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Just like humans, pets can suffer from allergies. In some cases, they may be allergic to allergens in the air. More often, though, pets are allergic to ingredients in their food. While an animal is unlikely to develop an allergic reaction to natural ingredients, the processed ingredients and additives in most pet foods can certainly cause allergies to develop or make pre-existing allergies worse.

Common pet allergies include wheat, soy, and certain proteins. Monitor your pet when switching to a new brand of food to catch allergic reactions.

In addition to natural allergens, other ingredients in processed foods can cause reactions, including fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides. Like humans, pets can get sick from harmful chemicals, especially if they are a part of their daily diets. Food grown organically tends to be fresher as well, considering that it won’t contain the preservatives used in non-organic brands.

Better for the Environment

Going beyond what’s best for your pets, switching to organic food can also be better for the environment. If you want to live sustainably, or even just minimize your impact on the plant, organic food is one small way to move in that direction.

Regulations on certified organic food include suitable conditions for the animals being raised. Additionally, they aren’t given antibiotics or synthetic hormones. Grains and vegetable crops are grown without prohibited chemicals, meaning cleaner, more sustainable soil.

Do Your Best

Processed dog and cat food is typically made from byproducts left over in the meat industry, meaning its food they wouldn’t serve to humans. Just because your pets can eat it doesn’t mean they should. Many brands use filler ingredients, like soy, corn, or wheat, that aren’t always healthy for you pets to eat. Wherever you get your pet’s food, make sure you know what is going into the mix.

The companionship you receive from your pet is hard to put a price tag on. At the same time, taking care of a pet can be quite expensive. If you are on a fixed income but still want to provide your pet with the very best, you can take some time to find good deals on organic pet food so that you can provide all of the care that your pet needs without breaking the bank.