Monday 15 July 2024

Gozo – The Jewel Of The Mediterranean

If you love to traveling and exploring different parts of the worlds, a place not to be missed is the island of Gozo. Rightly known as the jewel of the Mediterranean, it is a small island located in the Mediterranean Sea. Being an important place for cultural evolution, Gozo has some of the oldest temples and religious structures of the world. The place has several attractions for the tourists to come and explore.

Gozo - The Jewel Of The Mediterranean

Let’s have a look at some of the main attractions the island offers the visitors to explore.

Victoria Cathedral

Located in the capital city of the island ‘Victoria’ is the beautiful architecture ‘Victoria Cathedral’, which towers over the whole of the city. This place is not to be missed if you are visiting this island. The stone cathedral has stunning decorated interior and magnificent exterior. It is definitely a photographer’s paradise.

Archeological Museum

If you want to know about the fascinating history of the Gozo Island and its rich heritage, the Archeological museum is the best place for you. The museum depicts the cultural history and the heritage of the Island in the best and visually appealing manner.


Located in the Victoria, the capital city of the Gozo, is a historic fort that is a must-visit place for every visitors looking to explore the stunning places of this Island. You can view the spectacular panoramic views of the whole city from this beautifully designed and architected fort.


Xhagra, a village located near the capital city Victoria, is a visual treat for photographers. You can explore the fabulous Ggantija temple in the village that is one of the oldest standing structure in the world. Apart from other historical places, the village has many cafes and restaurants for the tourists to fulfill their appetite with some mouth-watering and delicious food items.

Natural Landscapes

The west coast of Gozo island is home to some of the most stunning and picturesque landscapes of the world. If you are visiting Gozo, Azure Window, Inland Sea, and Blue Hole are the places you shouldn’t miss at any cost especially the Blue Hole as it is said to be the one of the best swimming and diving spots you will find in the whole of Europe.

Ramla i Hamra

Termed as one of the unique beaches, Ramla L-Hamra, is a perfect spot to relax, sunbathe, and swim under the Mediterranean sun during your holiday. The gorgeous red sand and Calypso’s Cave are the main reasons for the popularity of this beach.

The island has many other attractions than the ones mentioned above, if you are looking to explore the astonishing beauty of this island to the fullest avail the services of Xlendi car rentals. They have a wide variety of vehicles to provide your comfort and luxury while you travel this dazzling island and its picturesque attractions.