Saturday 25 May 2024

Help Your Kid Build A Strong Vocabulary

Help Your Kid Build A Strong Vocabulary

The strong vocabulary is essential for developing a lifetime of love for learning and reading. An infant with excellent vocabulary enjoys reading and understands well the written expression. Parents are the foremost and influential language models for kids and need to cultivate an environment that enhances what a child hears. Parents play an important role in what their child learn. Therefore, it is quite important for parents to guide their young ones to learn new words on a daily basis.

Building your junior’s vocabulary is essential to develop the language skills essential to success in elementary school and beyond. Here are some most effective ways to help your child develop a strong vocabulary.


As a responsible parent, you should talk with your child on a regular basis. In this digital-centric world, it is quite convenient to let technology entertain anyone. However, kids can learn and understand more effectively through effective conversations.


Reading can definitely enrich your child’s vocabulary as he/she is likely to come across unfamiliar words that are not present in their vocabulary. Being the first and most dominant teacher of the child every parent should encourage their kids to read on a regular basis. The more a child reads, the more opportunities he/she will have to expand the vocabulary.


Prepare a list of new words and ask your kid to write a story. To this effect, your child has to use all the words correctly. Let your child imagine new things and bring out in his own words. Creating stories from a list using new words will take imagination and encourage the child to be creative.


Its obvious your children to misuse or mispronounce some words as they are building their vocabularies. Parents should pay attention how their kids are pronouncing and using words. If and when notice a mistake, correct him/her with proper care. The next time when your kid uses the word correctly, appreciate him/her with clapping. This will encourage your child to learn more.


Forcing a child grasps too many new words and things at once can make him./her forget all of them completely. Do not try to teach too less or too many new words. Avoid overboard while trying to boosts the vocabulary of your children. It is okay to choose 5 to 6 new words a week and make your kid learn them effectively. You can also use those words in daily conversations for effective and quick learning.


You should incorporate word games an essential part of your family tradition and follow it. Include word games like crossword puzzles, scrabble, spelling games and other into your daily family activity. You Can also choose games online or can think outside the box to make your self-made games to play with your kids to increase their vocabulary.

To conclude, these are the some ways your child can build an extensive vocabulary. Kids are likely to develop a strong vocabulary from an early age, if the parents incorporate the right ideas and strategies in their daily routine.