Friday 01 March 2024

Helpful Guide For Foreign Exchange Students Visiting Beijing For Studies


Study and work opportunities are opening up globally. This is the reason, many students travel from one country to another for studies and job opportunities. It has been seen that many students come to the Chinese capital Beijing for studying or as a part of some foreign exchange program. Infact as per latest reports, the numbers of students coming to Beijing from US is increasing.

A student residing in Los Angeles in US can apply for a student Chinese visa in Los Angeles and go to China for the purpose of study. If the student is too busy to go and apply for the visa personally at the embassy, he/she can seek assistance from various agencies which offer visa services in Los Angeles CA for various countries, including that of Chinese visa.


Mentioned below are some useful tips which can help students during their stay in Beijing:

Pack Certain Items Which Are Difficult To Find In China

There are some very common things which are not readily available in China strangely. It is recommended to pack such things in abundant quantity so that you can manage till the next time you visit home or have someone carrying those things for you from your home country. Some things which must be included in this list include medicines and vitamin supplements, cheese, shoes (for men size above 10 is not readily available and for women size above 8 is not available) etc. Female students make sure to carry a good stock of tampons as they are uncommon in China. Even if they are available, they are extremely expensive.

Make Ways For Getting Cash

The most common modes of making payments in China are either by cash or by WeChat. Use of cards is becoming kind of obsolete in the country. As a student if you need to stay in the country for long, it is recommended to get a Chinese bank card. On having a Chinese bank card, it is possible to use WeChat or other kinds of Chinese apps.

Beijing And Its Pollution

Pollution statistics about Beijing are scary and frightening indeed. Anyone coming to Beijing should be prepared to face the pollution right on. It has been seen quite often that the whole city is in a haze and all this because of the pollution. However, there are fluctuations in the AQI. On some days the pollution is less. One must be ready to combat this problem. If possible wear masks to ward off the pollution as much as possible.

Using One App For Many Functions – Wechat

In Beijing, you will find that almost all people practically live on the WeChat app. The app can be installed on a smartphone. This app helps in carrying out various kinds of functions from one place. Right from calling to texting people, this app helps people in making payments for things, buying movie tickets, sharing pictures and videos, reading views on restaurants and hotels and so on. There are options of group chat from the app.

Using The Toilet Might Be Difficult For Some

Squat toilets are specialty in China. Most of the people do not have a knowledge regarding this kind of toilet and are left wondering what to do. There might be a hole on the ground and you are supposed to do the work there. Getting a hang of the thing takes quite some time. Western style toilets or commodes are hardly seen in China. Carrying toilet paper is highly recommended in China as you will not get the same in most places.

Learn Chinese If Possible

There is no doubt about the fact that Chinese is an extremely difficult language. But when you are going to Beijing, it is great if you know the language. Listen to the language often and try to speak the same. Even if you can’t speak fluently, people will appreciate your efforts. Infact you will find many people who will help you in learning Chinese if you show them the interest for the same.

Make Chinese Friends

When in a foreign land it is always recommended to make local friends. While visiting China for studies or as a part of some foreign exchange program, try making Chinese friends. This will make things easy for a foreign student by quite a means.

After acquiring your student China visa in Los Angeles and reaching Beijing, your life can be slightly easy and hassle-free with the above mentioned tips.