Wednesday 12 May 2021


As an increasing number of people and the growing generations are becoming aware of the impact our daily habit do to the ecosystem and the environment, there is an urgent need to establish and practice more healthy habits and follow the path of sustainable development.


As per the 2018 report by EPA on the sources of greenhouse emissions, greenhouse gases emission from the residential and private sector include accumulates to 11% of the total greenhouse emission. This call for immediate action in residential and commercial construction. One such measure to adopt is green building construction.It is a practice of designing, constructing and operating buildings to generate minimum waste with minimal use of resources. Green building resources such as the renewable source of energy, mud, wood, stone, etc restore and enhance the environment and quality of life.

Having established the significance of green building construction, let us move on to share some helpful tips with you that will help you reap maximum benefit from green building construction:

  • Unless absolutely necessary, try to keep the construction small, especially for residential properties. Small but eco-friendly as this will help in maintaining home hot and cool with minimum utilization of resources.
  • Make it a point to always use of energy efficient equipment by checking their energy label and star rating. The more the number of stars, the more energy efficient the equipment would be. Energy saving appliances lead to considerable energy and cost saving without hampering the performance quality.
  • Keep in mind the three R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Reduce the urge to buy non-eco friendly products. Reuse the materials that you think of as old but can still serve a purpose in a minuscule manner. And finally, make use of recycled materials to set up your green building. You may not realize at first, but these small habits go a long way in building and maintaining a healthier environment.
  • Do thorough research and make a list of all the sustainable building materials which you can use in the construction be it for roofing, flooring, outdoors, cabinets, insulation, etc. These materials might seem like an expensive investment at first but serve benefits for the long run.

Although it is not a new concept because it is still profoundly researched and given the urgent need for humankind to make a shift to sustainable living and development, giving counterfeiters construction organizations can leverage this opportunity for their conniving gains. You must beware of this and should only trust the organizations that hire experts who can prove their expertise with their credible green building certification. Green building certification holder can promptly identify how can sustainable development be implemented in the already construction, and their knowledge and expertise is advantageous in spotting even minuscule factors that could be contributing to an already deteriorating environment.


All you need is construction pros with green building certification to live a sustainable life and do your part in creating a green environment.

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