Friday 19 April 2024

Highly sought technical skills in 2019

Technical skills have always been in high demand and individuals trained in technical skills always had the advantage of finding good job opportunities. However, in 2019 the landscape of technology has changed as traditional technologies have given way to modern sophisticated digital technologies. Likewise, there is a greater necessity for today’s workforce to upskill themselves and for young graduates to pursue in-demand and industry-relevant technical skills.

What are the highly desired technical skills today?

Digital technology has made rapid progress over the last two decades which in turn has given rise to important developments in the business world. The growth of e-markets, digital platforms, data-driven solution providers and digital transformation of entire economies are only a few of those important developments. As a result, technologies directly responsible for the growth of the digital world are in high demand and highly desired.

Let us discuss a few:

  • Data analytics

Data being a precious resource in the digital ecosystem needs to be efficiently leveraged. Data analytics is a process through which data arriving from various sources can be curated, manipulated and analyzed for deep insights which in-turn plays a crucial role in helping leaders and executives to make smart decisions. Modern business operations like targeted advertisements and personalized products for greater customer satisfaction are a few benefits of data analytics.

There is a huge demand for skilled data analysts today, especially in flourishing digital economies like that of India. By acquiring data analytics skills one can get hired as a data analyst or business analyst in top institutions belonging to both the private and public sectors. Moreover, data analytics is applicable to a multitude of fields ranging from manufacturing to IT, from banking to healthcare and from defense to research. Thus, a data analytics course or business analytics courses offer many options to choose the field of work!

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

It has been quite some time that AI piqued the interest in the greatest minds in the world. However, recent developments have rendered AI and its subset ML indispensable for organizations.  What recent developments? Well, the fact that the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0) is already here and automation is one of the key aspects of IR 4.0. It is advanced AI and ML that makes automation of large business operations possible. Moreover, products like virtual assistants, chatbots and automatic service providers are increasingly becoming a part of our daily life!

Thus, AI and ML experts have a great demand at a global scale and it is highly desirable that engineers today have proficiency in AI and ML.

Such technological skills are especially desirable in India!

India is one such country where digitalization has received greater acceptance and capitalizing technologies like business analytics, AI and ML, the country wants to progress rapidly. However, there is an acute skill-gap in India as lakhs of India’s graduates do not have the requisite skills to be employed in the digital sector. Therefore, business analytics courses or a certification in AI and ML is highly beneficial in India.