Friday 21 June 2024

How A Typical Day Starts At Montessori and What Your Child Takes Away?

How different is a Montessori education system then the regular schools? If you haven’t had a chance to visit one then here’s how a typical day starts at Montessori and then, following will be the greatness your child will take away home:

The Start of a Typical Day at Montessori

The school day at Red Apple Montessori system starts at 7.30 a.m. Once the students arrive, they head towards their folders maintained by one of the teachers. These folders contain a specific chart that contains suggested lessons for the entire week.

How A Typical Day Starts At Montessori and What Your Child Takes Away?

The students have the choice of picking what so ever lesson to work on in first. They retrieve all the necessary material and begin working on the lesson and where ever they find the most suitable comfort. Some students find it appropriate to set up their lesson on more than a single table, while some love finding a corner and setting up their system on the mat.

Half an hour is spent finding the comfort zone and a just a little after 8.00 a.m., students and teachers get comfortable for some yoga or tai chi.  By 8.30 all students assemble on the floor for morning group round up and students get the chance of sharing their thoughts, questions and stories.

Then it’s time for the three hour students and teachers work period. The ones who started working on lessons can continue with the same one, while the other ones can start new. By 11.45, the groups gather again for giving students the opportunity of sharing and presenting what they are learning by far.

Next comes the lunch time and outdoor play time. This is followed by a 90 minute work period that involves reading groups and other such reading activities. By 2.30 the kids do maintenance of classroom and dismissal takes place between 2.45 to 3.00 p.m.

The Take Away

Montessori education method has tremendous options for learning and taking away the knowledge and manners to the streets and home. That said, if teachers of regular schools also incorporate certain Montessori philosophies into their traditional classrooms, it would change the entire picture. While some might say the approach is all-or-nothing but the environment of Montessori classroom is certainly optimal.

The children in Milton Montessori School learn to use little or no help and develop the skills and capabilities by using their own efforts. It might sound as a massive project, but it’s small and simple, yet what it ends with is huge. Students find their interests and skills which makes them confident, independent, and a leader.

When kids are allowed to explore and are given all the time they need, what they become is a person with known capabilities and interests. Each and every students learns to be responsible and also a team player. The ample time for discussions, modeling, practice and feedbacks allows the students to create an environment which is conductive.

As for behavior of students, Montessori system does not have a single student that has discipline problems. The students are given more importance then test grades and brilliant marks. They use the same approach and become better human beings.