Tuesday 23 April 2024

How beneficial is a Big data certification course?

Big data certification

Big data is identified by the three Vs- Volume, Variety and Velocity. Amount of data generated today is truly enormous (expected to reach 44 ZB by 2020!), variety of data has increased significantly owing to the rise of IoT and the velocity at which data is generated is lightning fast (463 EB of data would be generated everyday by 2025!).

Owing to a soaring demand and lucrative opportunities, many are going for a Big data certification course in order to seek a career in Big data.

Why is there a huge demand for Big data analysts?
Advances in digital technology coupled with a growing need for digitalization has rendered Big data vital for organizations. Business leaders need to make smart decisions based on cool insights and only Big data analytics can enable them to do that.

Consequently, business enterprises are investing big in cultivating Big data. In a recent survey conducted by NewVantage Partners on Fortune 1000 companies it was found out that 55% of them have already invested 50million USD on Big data!

As a consequence, flourishing digital economies like that of US, China, Malaysia and India need thousands of Big data analysts thereby generating a substantial amount lucrative employment. However, there is a dearth for skilled professionals in Big data and this is creating a problem world-wide.

Advantages of a career in Big data

  • Growing need for automation and digitalization has rendered many traditional jobs redundant. However, Big data is future proof, which means a career in Big data offers unrivalled job-security.
  • The demand for Big data is only the beginning as we approach the third decade of the 21st century, the demand is expected to rise many folds.
  • The salary aspect of a Big data analyst is huge. The average salary of a Big data analyst in US is around 50,000 USD (according to Zippia), in Malaysia it is 16,000 USD and in India it is 15,000 USD!
  • A career in Big data offers great flexibility. You can get employed to the industry of your choice. Be it Banking, Healthcare, IT, eCommerce, Manufacturing and Cybersecurity, each hires Big data analysts. Even the government sector has a growing need for skilled BDA.

Scope of a Big data career in India
India is not lagging behind when it comes to embracing digital transformation. Over the last decade the digital economy has flourished sufficiently with booming sectors like the eCommerce, ICT and M&E.

Moreover, the India government is constantly pushing for a digitalization. The department of Science and technology already has a Big data initiative to promote implementation of Big data driven strategies.

Companies in India too are investing on leveraging data given the increasing internet penetration of the country and its immense market potential. Consequently, the analytics industry of India has surpassed the 3 billion USD mark already and expected to reach 16billion by 2025!

As a result, Big data has emerged as a career with huge potential in India and with a Big data certificationyou can reap the many benefits of a Big data career in India easily!