Sunday 09 May 2021

How To Choose An Excellent Toroidal Power Transformer

Toroidal Power Transformer

A transformer is a device that transfers electricity from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. A transformer will have a ferrous core which creates a magnetic field and an electric coil that carries the electric current. The simplest design in transformers will have a laminated steel core with two or more coils wrapped around. We can get variable voltage by using different secondary winding of the coil. Transformers are an essential part of a power distribution infrastructure, used in transmission, distribution and the use of electric current.

Transformers can be many types, but the most preferred is the toroidal transformer. It gives us better energy efficiency, while creating a low magnetic field and noise. It is also light and easy to mount. In India you can find a number of toroidal power transformer manufacturers with most electrical supply companies specialising in it. But you should still select your transformer carefully. Remember a transformer is a long-term installation and so, it must be selected carefully.

Here are a few Factors that you must Consider when Selecting a Transformer:

Determine the Requirements:

A transformer is there to perform certain functions. So, you must decide these parameters before looking for one. You need to determine the electrical load required as well as the supply voltage. Find out the voltage required, ampere capacity, Hz frequency and the supply voltage and frequency. All this information can be found as part of the standard information along with the transformer. So, before getting a transformer, find out about the input and required output for power.


Transformers are an essential part of an electrical system. As a result they are seen everywhere – from frozen landscapes to the seaside. These are extreme environments where the transformer will be exposed to salty air or increased moisture, adding to the corrosive effect. Other examples include transformers placed in chemical factories. In such cases we need transformers with some extra protection even if it just an extra paint job.

There are other protective measures which will be taken on the basis of the environmental conditions like enclosure protection, hot-dipped galvanised radiators, alarm for change in temperature and pressure, as well asmonitoring of oil and pressure levels. In critical operations, we may also require real-time monitoring. All those factors should be decided beforehand. One should choose a transformer that facilitates all these functions.


Where the transformer is to be mounted will also be a major factor. Apart front he environmental factors as mentioned above, an overhead mounted transformer will require certain add-ons. You will also require something light and easily mounted. Trying a toroidal power transformer manufacturers could work here because these transformers are lighter.

Single Phase or 3 Phase:

In a single phase transformer, there is only one primary and one secondary winding.Only these two windings are used to transform the voltage. In a three phase, however,we have three coils that go through the magnetic field. The three windings or coils are kept apart by 120 degrees. The coils generate power. The output isthrough three different lines. Three phase transformers are preferred where we need more efficiency, where voltage has to be transmitted over long distance and we need a small transformer. When single phase is needed, the three phase can be worked so as to get a single phase result. Single phase transformers are today only seen in rural areas.

Getting A Toroidal Transformer

While all the above factors are relevant, a strong contender here is the toroidal transformer. This type of transformer is highly popular because of certain inherent advantages it offers. It gets its name from its shape – toroidal or ring-shaped. It has a circular or ring-shaped magnetic core around which the wires are wound.

This shape is highly efficient when dealing with transformers. The symmetry of the shape means that there is very little leakage, making it far more efficient. The closed loop core means that we have a more efficient magnetic field, which is contained within the core. The toroidal transformer is also compact. It needs fewer components like washers, nuts and bolts. This significantly reduces the weight – by up to 50%.

However, it is essential that you check the accreditation of the toroidal power transformer manufacturers. Compliance with standards is extremely essential to ensure that your own systems are working in a safe manner.

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