Thursday 18 November 2021

How To Choose Between A Kindle eReader and A Tablet

If you love to read, you may have thought about purchasing an eReader. However, as tablets can also allow you to read eBooks, you may be trying to decide whether to purchase a tablet instead. After all, you can do more things with a tablet than a dedicated eReader. So, how do you decide which gadget to get, an eReader or a tablet?

How To Choose Between A Kindle eReader and A Tablet

What’s its Purpose?

When you’re trying to decide between an eReader and a tablet, you might consider what you plan to do with the device. Although the lines between eReaders and tablets are somewhat blurred, eReaders are still limited in what functions they can perform.

A dedicated eReader is meant to help you only read books and periodicals. Although you can do some web browsing on them, that is not the intended purpose. An eReader makes it easier to read print on a screen because their monochrome screen and E-ink technology make it possible to read for hours without eyestrain.

If you want a device that can also allow you to easily browse the Internet, pull up your email or go into your social media accounts, then you may prefer a tablet. Many tablets on the market are as powerful as inexpensive laptops, so you can do much more with a tablet than you can an eReader. However, if you don’t intend to use it as a computer, why spend the money to purchase a tablet?

Not for Video

While most tablets handle videos very well, you can use them to watch movies or stream live television, eReaders don’t. They have a slow refresh rate, which means you will spend a lot of time buffering if you try to pull up a video clip on your eReader. Along with slow playback, the display screens are not conducive for playing videos.

Since eReaders usually have a monochrome screen, they cannot show other colours on the screen so any video would look odd. If you want rapid response from the web browser or to play videos on your device, then you really want a tablet, not an eReader. A tablet has a back-lit screen that makes it easier to watch videos on those devices.

Consider Your Budget

You can purchase some eReaders for well under £100, but you will pay significantly more than that for a tablet PC. Since tablets offer more features than a dedicated eReader, they are going to cost significantly more. If you do read voraciously, purchasing an eReader can also save you money when you want to buy something new to read. Several of the larger chain bookstores offer free book downloads if they are done in their store.

Also, if you do purchase a kindle eReader, you will save space in your home. An eReader with 2 GB of storage will hold approximately 1,400 books, where can you put that many books in your apartment or house? If you simply want to enjoy a new book, then an eReader is the only device you need.