Wednesday 22 May 2024


One of the most recurring problems that students have to face throughout their academic year is how to write an essay which is smart and fascinating. Every student wants to succeed and earn brilliant scores in their class essays as these marks are not only added together by the end of the semester but also play a huge role in shaping up the GPA. Every subject focuses on a different aspect of life. Similarly, every essay is distinct from another because no one likes to read monotonous content. Even teachers reserve the highest marks for those students who have a distinguished perspective from the masses. These are the genius students who, even though work on the same topic as the rest, present their ideas in various interesting ways and try to explore a side of the question or topic that most individuals easily miss out.

Writing an essay is an art form that only gets polished with time and practice. It is generally observed that people who read are better in communicating their feelings and thoughts, more accurately in their essays, compared to those who don’t necessarily read. This is because these individuals are already comfortable with advanced vocabulary and they aren’t intimidated by words. They like to play with them and explore different sides of their meaning. Therefore, if you’re a student looking for a way to improve your essay writing skills, then you should begin by reading and then gradually proceed towards writing. This way you won’t be daunted by the tasks when assigned by a teacher and will take the challenge head-on without dreading the process. Below are some tips and techniques mentioned which will help students improve their essay writing skills.

  1. The first and foremost rule is to find a voice, and for that, you need to decide which type of essay you want to write. The best way to determine the voice is to carefully read the topic or provided question again and again and think of the different ways you can present your take on it. After you’ve made a decision, don’t deter from it and hang on as there’s no room for confusion while writing an essay.
  2. This point is interrelated with the last point. The reason why you can’t afford to be confused while writing an essay is that by doing that you can confuse the reader, and if you do that, you’ll ultimately lose their interest. So be steady and fearless about your thoughts and opinions in the essay without wondering what others would assume.
  3. Topic sentence, supporting sentences, evidence, analysis, and concluding sentences are all crucial part of your essay. Usually, students emphasis on the three main stages of an essay which are the introduction, main body, and conclusion, and they miss out the essence. Ensure that you amalgamate everything properly and give a formal and professional structure to your final essay. Proofread and edit the final document and make sure that all information is coherent and strict.