Friday 01 March 2024

How To Decorate A Room For A Budget Party?

Decorating a room for a kids or teen party is a challenge especially if you have very limited amount of money to spend on preparations. Luckily, there are ways to keep the decorations fun and creative enough that no one will notice that they were really inexpensive.

How To Decorate A Room For A Budget Party

Use our tips to make the best decorations for your upcoming party.

Borrow what you can

If you do not have enough bowls, plates and glasses to serve all the guests you are expecting to have, ask friends for help and borrow everything that is necessary. Do not worry that the items do not match with what you have in your cabinet, if you keep the party informal different kind of plates and bowls will not be as visible as during a classic, seated dinner. If you do not have enough chairs or your table is not big enough to serve as a buffet ask your family for help and borrow furniture instead of buying it.

Paper decorations

To add more color and texture create all additional decorations from colorful paper. You will be surprised how much you can do with a simple piece of paper! Check online tips on how to make origami and use them to create decorations you can put on the table or hang around the room.

Candles for the ambiance

If you are having a party in the afternoon and it is going to last till evening you can light some candles to create a special atmosphere. Remember, however, that if you invite little children or teenagers to the party you need to care about their safety. Put the candles somewhere out of the reach of little kids and out of the way of hyperactive teenagers.

Find cheap essentials

Decorations such as balloons, colorful ribbons, streamers or confetti create party atmosphere in an instant. They are fairly inexpensive and a quick online search is enough to find the best deals on these products. They are very cheap so you can buy more and use these decorations to create really magical atmosphere around the house.

If you need a table cloth instead of buying something expensive you can purchase a piece of inexpensive, colorful satin fabric and use it to cover the table. Stitch the hem around all sides of the fabric and it will look like a real table cloth.

Present the food in elegant way

Even simple cupcakes will look great if you put them on an elegant plateau instead of a simple plate. Put the snacks into decorative bowls and cakes or cookies on pedestal bowls.

If you have none of these you can again try to borrow them from friends and family or make some yourself. Pedestal bowls, for example, can be made from simple candlesticks, painted with spray in lively colors, and melamine bowls attached to the top of the candlesticks with a strong glue. You can find this and many other creative DIY tutorials online. Just use your imagination and you will really surprise your guests!

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