Monday 15 July 2024

How To Light Up Your Home With More Natural Lighting

You may be feeling down about living in a house will dull, dreary rooms and wondering how you can let more natural light flow into the room. You may also be tired of high electricity bills because you’re constantly having to keep the lights on just to be able to see what you’re doing in the kitchen or reading, etc. Having a light and bright room with natural lighting can help boost your mood and boost your vitamin D levels and positivity.

Here are some tips on how to light up your home with more natural lighting without affecting your privacy.

Quick Decorating Tips

Have a good look around your house and pick out the rooms that are bothering you most. Which rooms do you feel are the darkest and which do you feel most depressed whilst being in? These are going to be the target area.

  • Use light and fresh colors on the walls and ceilings. Avoid using dark colors as it will only make the room feel like it’s closing in on you. Light blues, greys, creams and whites are your friends.
  • Add more height to the room by painting the bottom half of the wall in one color and the top half in another color. This makes the room appear bigger and taller.
  • Use mirrors and mirror effects to bounce that light around. Silver photo frames, mirrors, chandeliers and so on.

Mirror tips: Use the same size mirrors directly opposite each other and use a mirror at the end of a short hallway to make it appear to be longer than it really is.

  • Avoid using big heavy curtains as these suck the light out of the room. Consider using blinds as carefully chosen blinds can allow natural light to flow into the room, but keep nosy passers-by from peering in. Pick out a light colored blind which has the ability to be part way open to allow lots of natural light in without invading your privacy.
  • Glass doors are another great way of allowing maximum light to flow around your house. Glass internal doors are often a popular choice and are perfect between rooms where there is no problem with people seeing in. For bathroom’s use frosted glass and use mirrored wardrobe doors in bedrooms.
  • Glossy splashbacks are a good solution for dark kitchens as they reflect light around the room.
  • Pick out neutral colors for your furnishings

Dark colors can be used as long as you use them with care to create a dramatic effect that both you and your guests will fall in love with. You don’t want to accidentally make the room depressingly dark.

Finding blinds in Perth that will ensure your privacy, while still allowing lots of light to flow through can be difficult, so it might be worth contacting company’s like Westral who specialize in quality custom blinds and will be able to demonstrate their range to you, so you can see what kind of difference it will make to the levels of natural light in your room.