Monday 15 July 2024

How To Resolve Outboard Motor’s Common Issues?

It is an unfortunate thing when you are out at sea in your boat for an enjoyable fishing trip and it turns into a disaster, when the outboard engine malfunctions. Technology has caused a revolution in resolving issues like ear-splitting noise levels and smoky exhaust.

Certainly, the fuel efficiency has enhanced too, but this does not signify that the new outboard engine, you have recently installed is infallible. Reliability with technology has enhanced a lot but there are common issues that arise with modern outboards. For people, who are aware of quick fixes can handle such conditions easily.

It is wise for a boater to get familiar with outboard issues and fixes, so as to remove the hassle of boat towing expenses and delayed trips.

Outboard Motor

Outboard Motor

Outboard motor is motorized propulsion system. This unit is attached with boat stem. It includes an engine, gearbox, propeller, and jet drive. Outboard motor provides steering controls and propels the boat speedily. It acts as a rudder, when motor is off. Outboard motors can be detached easily for storage or transfer or repair. You can read the Honda manuals and get acquainted with all the features needs and lubrication.

Outboard motor issues can range from easy and simple glitches to more difficult problems. Some engine troubles can be resolved with your own hands, whereas a few need professional boat mechanics. In case you need genuine handbooks then visit and buy one.

Outboard motor common issues and how to resolve

Issue 1

No-start scenario

Cause and solution

  • Fuel tank empty – Fill the tank only when the engine cools down
  • Old fuel – Drain old and replace fresh clean fuel
  • Engine in gear – Set to neutral and start again
  • Kill switch engaged – Disengage it
  • Kill switch clip not inserted – Remove clip and place it back
  • Dead battery – Full charged battery provides enough start up power. Check for loose or damaged electrical connections
  • Damaged ignition system – Check spark plug for its condition and replace it, if necessary

Issue 2


Water needs to flow consistently through the engine and keep it cool, so check the engine for blockage. Another possible reason can be busted water pump impeller. This round disc has blades, which circulates water around the outboard motor. Braking of impeller cuts off water supply causing engine overheat. Replace the broken impeller with new pump.

Issue 3

Excessive vibration

Common cause of excessive vibration can be due to loose or damaged propeller. Troubleshoot to check, if propeller is securely attached. You can read the owner’s handbook to learn how to do it. You can get one at

If propeller is loose tighten it and if it is damaged then have it replaced. Depleted rubber isolation mounts can also be the cause of vibration. They absorb vibration, so you enjoy the smooth ride. Have it replaced with a new one.

Issue 4


Propeller does not turn smoothly because it can be due to debris struck around the shaft or on the propeller or the shear pin is broken. Remove the stuck debris around the propeller or shaft and check to see if the issue is fixed.

Issue 5

Engine cuts off suddenly

When vacuum creates within the fuel tank, supply gets cut off and engine stops. Loose vent screw, allow ventilation and pump primer bulb till it is hard.