Sunday 30 May 2021

Hub Of The Designer Wedding Bridal Lehengas Stores In Delhi

Bridal Lehengas

If you talk about the big fat Indian wedding, is a traditional affair of several grand functions. So the shopping for all these occasions becomes quite a task, especially when it comes to the bridal trousseau. It is not only for the bride but also for the sisters, friends and female relatives of the bride. The designer wear market of Shahpur Jat gives you abundant choices in the form of the presence of various stores. It is one place where you can go completely unprepared and come home with the prettiest of outfits.

In this article, we have sieved through the list the designer wedding bridal lehenga stores in Shahpur Jat and selected top four boutiques which make it a popular designer hub in Delhi.

Hub Of The Designer Wedding Bridal Lehengas Stores In Delhi

Vaasvi by Akshay Wadhwa

Vaasvi was founded in 2009 by the couture designer Akshay Wadhwa and the storeboasts of unique creations.The creations are distinctive which embrace the traditional Indian style keepingin mind the modern sensibilities. This designer boutique specializes in floor length Anarkali and flowy lehengas.Their contemporary touch in a rich Indian palette with minimalistic embroideries and blingy embellishments flaunt pretty cuts and stitching. The price range is from 30,000 onwards, and we suggest a navy blue backless floor length Anarkali with velvet paneling and gold embroidery. You can wear it to for cocktail parties.


Designers Gurinder Singh and Vrinda Sachdev are the founders of Qbik.It is basically a multi-designer studio which offers tailor-madeor customized apparel forboth men and women though we are focusing on Indian women’s’ wear here.Interestingly, you get both Indian and Western style outfits here. The very essence of the collection lays in their contemporary fused traditionalwear in evening styles which produces a number of designs. For the budget of 40,000 and upwards you can get a long jacket lehenga or an equally stunning saree gown. The recommended piece from their beautifully crafted collection is an orange and pink long jacketed tulle lehenga with gold brocade panels.

Liz Paul

Liz Paul is one heck of a store which houses two boutiques in SPJ.While one features, bridal wears the other features trousseau. The lehenga designs at this bridal store have a strong palette ofcontrastingcolors.It is fused with heavy embroideries and embellishments. The trousseau store keeps sophisticated and elegant flowy Anarkali and lehengas.They have kept the price range for 40,000 and upwards where you get dresses both for the bride and the bridesmaid in minimal work in soft colors like pink, coral and soft yellow.

1600 AD by Nez & Naisha

If you are not that traditional bride, you are probably looking for something out of the box.Visit this store for their concept sarees and gowns. The very common red and pinkshades which are often flaunted at theweddingwon’t be found here.With a price range of 30,000 and upwards, you will find some of the extremely classy outfits, with minimal embellishments and embroidery work.indian matka


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