Saturday 22 June 2024

Immigration Visa Consultant For USA and Canada Visit

Immigration Visa Consultant For USA and Canada Visit

The Canadiana Government  has decided to increase the immigrant percentage in their country because the aging population of this country can slow down the GDP. It is to be believed for the next 5 years the population will be increased by 50%. The vital decision has been taken and the main propaganda of the new government’s is to minimize the processing time for the visa. It seems to be succeeded because according to the survey the processing time has also been reduced by 43%. The percentage of the working population has been decline which causes of worry for Canadian Government.

Immigration Consultants of Canada

If you have been rejected by the authorities, do not be upset  there is an option to appeal your case into the Federal Court of Canada where each case reviews by the Judicial Board of  Review. In case of finding the error you  have an option to re-apply but this time your application will be over-handed to the different person or immigration department again but in tight scrutiny. There has been a deadline if you file your case in Canada then you will have 15 days time to appeal but, if you appeal from your respected country then you have the time according to that respected country’s law.

USA Visit Visa Consultants

It is very important for the visitor’s visa holder who visits the US on visitor’s visa getting the visa does not mean the guarantee or the advantage of getting the green card application is granted for USA visit Visa Consultants. Most of the visitors apply for the green card on visitor’s visa could leads to raise the questions on original visa application.

Consultants of Canada

People who applies for the visa have to follow the adherence from the authority. You have to understand, if you become falsify any of the details you have provided or refuse to submit in that case your entry will not be restricted only but you also won’t have any option to re-apply.

Study Visa

The government  in US is quite attentive about the arrival of international students in its country on study visa. For international students the US department of State is responsible till their arrival in the US. After their arrival, the responsibility is generally shift to Homeland Security.

Business Visa

Obtaining a business visa is not that much easy, we also called the B-1 for business purposes for USA visit. There is one more type of visa that is B -2 it is for tourism and non-business purposes. Sometimes authority issues both the visa combinely together  that is valid for temporary visit for either pleasure or business. Most of the times visa consultants give the wrong information. We must have the complete and accurate knowledge before going anywhere in the World.