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Keep Your Clients Happy With Beautiful Linens

Keep Your Clients Happy With Beautiful Linens

Throughout the year, your hotel is likely to see thousands of guests and wash even more linens. At first, you may have thought it would be simple to keep up with the demand of keeping your own linens clean and beautiful, but it quickly became more difficult than it was worth. Fortunately, you never need to wash another linen with the help of linen services.

Keeping every sheet, towel, and more clean is a serious chore, and you have other aspects of the business to focus on. A linen service will do all of the difficult work for you and ensure that you always have a full stock of clean, bright linens that your guests will enjoy from the start of their visit to the end.

Imagine for a moment the amount of business you might lose if you allowed your linens to fall below standard. Potential clients would book a room only to immediately look for other accommodations, as they would not trust that the bed provided is clean. A bed with clean, attractive linens looks inviting and is perceived as more comfortable. Crisp white sheets add to a positive experience, and guests are more likely to return to your hotel a second time if they felt satisfied with their first visit.

Keep Your Clients Happy With Beautiful Linens

The Bathroom

When you walk into a bathroom at a hotel, you expect it to both appear and be clean. White luxurious towels are something you look for first, as they indicate the cleanliness of the entire bathroom. Without clean, thick towels presented in a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing way, guests may get the impression that the bathroom is unclean. Even if this is not the case, the perception of an unclean room is often just as damaging as a room that is actually unclean.

Hotels depend on the appealing and inviting atmosphere of their rooms to gain a positive reputation and see guests return. If your bathroom is even slightly below standards, you risk losing both reputation and clientele.

Fortunately, clean hotel linens from Johnsons Stalbridge are perfect every single time, and they are always checked for quality before they are returned to your hotel. Bed and bath linens are two of the most important aspects of a hotel room. Therefore, you need to consider a service to save time and money, and ensure your linens are always clean and fresh.

No Contracts

Some linen services attempt to lock businesses into contracts that are restrictive and not designed around the needs of the clients. These contracts lock the businesses into the service for months or longer, essentially taking their choice away if they are unhappy with the service. Therefore, you need to look for a company with a “no contract” policy. Without a contract, you can ensure that your services are designed around your unique needs.

You should never be tied into a short- or long-term contract, as high-quality products and impeccable customer service should be more important. Fortunately, there are reputable companies for linen hire at the very top of the ladder that do not require a contract. In this way, you can ensure that you always receive nothing less than the best. Since you do not need to tie yourself into a monthly contract, you can hire linen services at your discretion. This allows you to keep your budget intact if you are a small hotel just beginning to see serious business.

Avoid Hidden Fees

The same companies that try to tie you into a contract also strike you with hidden fees when you least expect them. The right companies will make sure to keep all of their rates open and fair, with no surprises after you choose to hire them. You deserve nothing less than the very best in quality standards for both your linens and the service given. For a clear and reasonable rate, you can keep your beds and bathrooms filled with clean, quality linens your guests can trust.


One of the biggest benefits of a linen service is the hygiene. Clean crisp sheets and towels are difficult to clean properly in a typical machine, and you may end up spending too much on energy and water for an incomplete clean. Linen services use techniques that normal machines and workers cannot, and they have the time and dedication to ensure a hygienic product every single time.

Clean and hygienic towels and sheets are essential for hotels, due to the potential spread of germs and contaminants. Mould is an invisible invader until the problem is too advanced for a simple fix, and towels that are not cleaned completely tend to build an unpleasant odour. Towels that appear clean and white but smell like mould will turn a guest away as quickly as visible mould would turn him or her away. Therefore, you cannot cut corners when your linens are involved.


Not every hotel is the same, and you should have the opportunity to use linens suited to your hotel’s unique atmosphere and style. One of the best things you get from your linen service is the elite quality of their products. Your new towels will look and feel more luxurious than anything on the market, and the same can be said of your sheets. After your guests feel the difference, you may need to consider an expansion to fit all of the new clientele.

The Kitchen

Some hotels have restaurants and cafes inside their buildings as a service to their guests. Great linens do not stop at the bedroom and bathroom, and the same company that is capable of handling your bath and bedroom linens can handle your kitchen, too. All kitchen cloths, tea towels, and even uniforms are provided and kept beautifully clean.

Once you decide to rent uniforms for your kitchen staff, you need only wait two weeks for your fresh and professional uniforms to arrive. You can stop your service at any time with just one month of notice, and there are no additional costs to change sizes or close your account. The rate you pay for this rental includes everything you need to keep your kitchen staff well-dressed and prepared for even the busiest of days. As the owner of a prestigious hotel, you cannot cut corners in regard to great linens.