Thursday 06 May 2021

Know About Fire Fighting Safety Equipments

Know About Fire Fighting Safety Equipments

With the increased focus on fires, we have many fire fighting safety equipments to choose from. These equipments are designed to ensure that people are warned of any incident and can evacuate quickly. Other equipment is designed too fight fire or to ensure one’s safety in a fire. The objective of stocking fire safety equipment is t ensure that the premises are some safeguarded against any incident and a minor outbreak can be doused before it goes out of control.

The question that comes now is about the type and scope of the equipment to be stocked at a particular place. This will depend on the number of occupants, the nature of the premises and the kind of equipment or stock in the building. Some of these are also mandated by the law. For instance, fire safety infrastructure is quite clearly defined. It is best done after a careful evaluation by experts. These are just some of the equipments that you must consider:

Fire alarm

Also called smoke alarms, these are triggered by smoke. These are often the first indication of a danger. These are essential in large commercial building where a fire can spread quickly. A fire alarm is essential for giving people warning in time so that they have enough time to escape. It can also alert the authorities so that they can quickly control the fire before it goes out of control. The most important part of fire alarms is often its placement.

Alarms should be placed so that these can heard by most people. Large buildings will need a well planned an laid out alarms. In some cases fire alarms are connected to a larger fire fighting infrastructure like a firefighters and equipment like sprinklers. The alarm then triggers a more wide-spread response.


These are critical in large commercial buildings where occupants have to be guided on the spot during evacuations. Exits have to be clearly marked so that are visible to people who are leaving in a hurry. Apart from this signages must also be attached to fire fighting safety equipment like fire extinguisher and blankets. It can help people to immediately locate the equipment.


Fire sprinklers are often the most effective means of fighting fire. Automatic sprinklers are designed to be triggered as soon it senses smoke. It ensures an immediate response that is highly effective. The sprinklers, when triggered, immediately let down a heavy downpour that can douse a fire within minutes. Since its action is pretty much immediate, it is also very effective in controlling the spread of fire.

However, the layout, installation and maintenance of sprinklers is an equally important matter. It must be installed by a certified and recognised body that has experience in the field, both in terms of the equipment and the type of premise. Maintenance is equally important as the sprinklers can get easily clogged. A faulty sprinkler system is obviously no good at all.

Fire extinguisher

This is the most common fire fighting safety equipment and with good reason. The extinguisher is portable and can be carried easily to any spot. Its main advantage over sprinklers is that it does not need an elaborate installation plan. It can be added to any layout at any time at lesser effort and money. Even your car can come equipped with an extinguisher. It is, therefore, a common feature in homes, offices, school, malls and other spaces. The important factor to remember when getting an extinguisher is to keep in mind the type of extinguisher we buy. There are different types of extinguishers and this is decided according to the accelerants or stock present on the premises.

Fire safety gear

In case of large complexes where you also have a fire safety team, you may also need different fire safety gear like an axe, helmet, blanket, boots and jackets. These must be stored at a dry, cool space. These should also be bought from certified and reliable supplier.

Fire hose reels

Hose reels are common safety measures in big buildings where you need quick access to water at higher floors. These are used by firefighters who arrive at the spot and need quick access to fire safety equipment.

Fire fighting safety equipment is an essential requirement for any place, whether it is residential or commercial. Today we can choose form a range of equipment that can help us in detecting and dousing fire before it becomes a big catastrophe.

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