Wednesday 22 May 2024

Know the Reasons Why Ncert Books Are Best for Students

7th class maths study material

To score optimum marks, most of the students often waste their money and time on choosing the wrong study materials, which may even lead them to de-motivation and failure. NCERT books are considered ideal for your exams as it provides a clear concept.

The study material for class 7 CBSE maths includes NCERT books which are considered to be the best books for building fundamentals and below are some other reasons why NCERT books are best for any student:

  • Follows the CBSE curriculum

NCERT books prove to be of great use to students because they strictly follow the latest CBSE curriculum and guidelines. These books as per CBSE curriculum are sufficient enough to form the base for not only board exams but also for competitive exams at national levels. NCERT textbooks materials form the base for preparing for the upcoming board examinations as the question papers in CBSE board comes from the prescribed syllabus of the subject.

  • For upcoming CBSE board exams

If you will check the previous years’ exam papers, you will see that most of the questions were asked in the papers are taken directly from NCERT books. In fact, the exam which is claimed to be the toughest contained most of the questions from NCERT Exemplar Problems.  Many times CBSE asks indirect questions in the board papers therefore many of the students claim that the paper is out of syllabus.

However, you should understand that by studying NCERT books in class 7, you will clarify your concepts and learn to apply them at an early stage. It is important to study these books carefully because usually, the questions beyond these books are never asked.

  • Offers deep knowledge in easy language

All NCERT books are prepared by experts after the deep research on each and every topic to provide enough information to the students. These books are designed to serve each and every student, irrespective of their intelligence quotient. It contains all the information and knowledge in simple and easy language. Each topic in these books is provided with enough detail for the student level. Thus the NCERT books can clear all the doubts by giving you a thorough understanding of complex topics.

  • Offers a number of problems to practice

NCERT books provide enough exercises and practice set which can help the student to score maximum marks in the papers. With a variety of questions, a student can also focus on its NCERT Exemplar problem in order to handle the twisted questions asked in the exams.

  • Clears all fundamental concepts

NCERT books not only cover the entire CBSE curriculum but also cover all the basics and fundamentals on all topics in simple and understandable language.  This helps the students to make their concepts crystal clear so that students don’t need to mug up the whole stuff again and again.

7th class is the class that builds basics for board exams. Therefore it is very important for you to study NCERT books for your exams.  After completing your NCERT, you can search for 7th class maths study material online to practice the questions.