Friday 21 June 2024

Krakow Sightseeing In One Day – Is It Possible?

Is Krakow a part of a larger tour for you? Don’t have much time here? Worried that you won’t be able to see much in the short time you do have? If you’re wondering if it even makes sense to stop here, keep reading and discover how you can take in so much in just a few hours!

Krakow Sightseeing In One Day - Is It Possible?

First idea – Krakow sightseeing in a nutshell

Krakow sightseeing in one day? The route that we recommend lets you see many of Krakow’s most famous and iconic sites in less than 24 hours. It’s all made easier by the fact that Krakow’s historic center is rather small. Starting at the castle on Wawel Hill, you can get away with the minimum obligatory stops by visiting the Cathedral (with option extra visits to the royal tombs and the bell tower) and the amazing courtyard of the Royal Castle.

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Leaving the castle behind you, follow the river on your way to Kazimierz, the old Jewish Quarter. Krakow sightseeing in this wonderfully atmospheric neighborhood, which used to be a separate city from Krakow, actually starts with a visit to three sites associated with its Christian beginnings – The Sanctuary of the Martyrdom of St. Stanislaus, the medieval Corpus Christi Church and St. Catherine’s Church.

Moving north into the Jewish part of Kazimierz, seven synagogues await, among them the Old Synagogue and the city museum it houses today along with the Remuh Synagogue and its cemetery.

Don’t forget that Kazimierz is full of restaurants and places where you can spend a relaxing evening over a meal or a drink.

This is an easy and very walkable path to take on a tight time buget for Krakow sightseeing. Still, if you’re concerned that it might be a bit too ambitious, you can always make it easier by taking one of the many electric carts that are easy to find in Krakow these days. You can also enhance your experience by taking a private Krakow guide for part or all of your short stay in Krakow. Find out everything you need to know about Krakow Tours and what a local Krakow guide can do for you at

Second idea – take it easy!

On the other hand, you can always just grab a chair at an outdoor cafe and let Krakow come to you or take in the atmosphere during a leisurely stroll around the Old Town or Kazimierz. Stop a few times along the way to visit a church or cafe and enjoy the views! Krakow sightseeing, even when done in a short time frame, is worth it even if you can’t stay for as long as you like!