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Kumarakom Travel Guide – A Fun Time Enjoying The Backwaters and Boat Races

Kumarakom Travel Guide - A Fun Time Enjoying The Backwaters and Boat Races

Kumarakom is an exceptionally well known destination to enjoy the backwaters in Kerala. It is home to the biggest freshwater lake which is a part of the Vembanad river. Kumarakom is a charming labyrinth of channels and rivers close to the Vembanad Lake, which is filled with green and thick mangroves. It is a renowned destination for the travelers who like to take the boats to explore the local tourism. Let’s take a look the the tourism in Kumarakom which is home to a wide assortment of animals and plants species.

Kumarakom is a perfect haven for tourists hoping to revive and looking for a peaceful time. The spot is encompassed by coconut trees and is a gliding heaven of kayaks, vessels and locally designed houses houses. For the tourists looking to explore the region, they can opt for Kumarakom tour packages. The houseboats of Kumarakom are renowned for their extravagance and makes an ideal choice to travel complete with all facilities. Most of the village huts are built around fresh water lagoon, having their own aquatic life. In fact, these ponds are so clear and clean that you can almost spot fishes like Kumarakom Karimeen, (pearl spotted fish), Konju (tiger prawns), Njandu (crabs) and Chemeen (prawns) that make up the diet of the villagers. Monsoon is an ideal time to visit this spot when it turns into a lavish display of greenery with several animal and plant life to explore.

Talking of birds, the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a famous tourist destination. Attracting bird watchers and photographers from all corners of the world. The river that flows through the sanctuary creates a labyrinth of fresh water where big birds flock to feed on smaller fishes. The bird sanctuary is spread in an area of more than 14 acres and can be visited from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. You can enjoy boat rides and treks in the sanctuary trying to spot the exotic and migratory birds.

Kumarakom is also famous for the array of Ayurvedic treatment facility. In fact there are several high and low spas and recreation facilities on the outskirts serving international and domestic tourists. For travellers the recreation activities incorporate customary ayurvedic medications, reflection courses, yoga courses, swimming and angling. You can also try adventure sports like windsailing and waterskiing. There is also a private cruising club in Kumarakom.

The festival of Onam is the brightest phase in the calendar year for the locals. Boat races are held in during the occasion of festival which is known as Sree Narayana Jayanthi Vallamkali and sees the participation of more than 1000 rowers. The other competing race is called Kavanattinkara Boat Race. Onam attracts a heavy tourist activity in the state and even you can prove your mettle by participating in the race. Try outs for boat races are held almost a month ago.

The best time to visit Kumarakom is in August, when the summer is retreating and monsoon is at the helm with the festival of Onam being celebrated with full vigour and joy. In case you’re wondering how to reach Kumarakom, the city is well connected with other major cities in the southern part of the country and you can find buses and trains to get there.

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