Monday 26 February 2024

Lake Powell – Places That Will Leave You Asking For More

Lake Powell is one of the most visited places all over the world. Around 3 million people from around the world visit Lake Powell annually. The average 4-5 day length of stay is the longest of any federal park. The slot canyons, red Vermilion cliffs, and crystal-clear lake are favorite attractions for adventure seekers, photographers, writers, and filmmakers. In addition to adventure and sight-seeing, Lake Powell has opportunities for hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, water-skiing, and water-boarding. Area outfitters offer guided lake tours, scenic air flights and float trips down the Colorado River.

Lake Powell – Places That Will Leave You Asking For More

Here are some of the fascinating places in the surroundings of Lake Powell that you should visit whenever you plan to visit Lake Powell.

Rainbow Bridge

It is not really a bridge but a mountain that has a rainbow like a shape. This is one of the major attractions of Lake Powell. You can reach Rainbow Bridge by a two-hour boat ride on Lake Powell from either of two marinas near Page, Arizona, followed by a short mile-long walk from the National Park wharf in Bridge Canyon. You can also reach Rainbow Bridge by hiking several hours overland from a trailhead on the south side of Lake Powell.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend offers the best view of the Colorado River. It is named Horseshoe Bend because of the resemblance of the bend with the shape of a horseshoe. This is a place where you can get an awe-inspiring view of the river as well as look at the mountain range that seems full of adventure.

Things to Do in Lake Powell

There are tons of things you can do in Lake Powell. Hikers and mountain bikers can get a treasure of trails in the Lake Powell area. There are opportunities for boating, hiking, kayaking, as well as exploring the beauty of nature. While being in the Lake Powell area, it is important to watch out for weather changes and heat exposure. Mostly, tourists visit Lake Powell just for kayaking. There is no fee for kayaking in Lake Powell area. However, if you want, there are companies which offer kayaking facilities. You can also hire one of them to enjoy your trip.

Lake Powell, some may not know that it was not a lake but a reservoir that was created to supply water to people of seven states. If you are planning a trip to Lake Powell area, you should visit these places to enjoy your trip in a better way. One thing is for sure, you will end your trip on a high making a lot of memories to cherish for life long. Lake Powell is a place where you have the best adventure full of thrill and excitement.