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Las Vegas Family Attractions

Las Vegas Family Attractions

Many of us are not aware that Las Vegas is not just only for couples. The reasonable amount of Las Vegas family adventures and attractions defies our belief in Las Vegas being the city of only adults. Certainly, a person will enjoy more with the family here, if he/she is looking for something beyond casinos and other gambles.

Las Vegas Family Attractions

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The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas is a fun way to explore the interactive exhibits of learning. Both adults and children find it quite entertaining. This is something unique as compared to the other Las Vegas entertainments where you not only learn about the past days of the city, but also learn about the techniques to conserve the environment. It is a cultural and historic site located at a drive of just a few minutes from the downtown.

Next, the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum is where your children can discover and understand the world surrounding them. Create, explore, and imagine are all that your kids can do via the entertaining exhibits that are both appealing and probing. One more perfect and information attraction is the Lost City Museum where all artifacts about the past that have lost its name in today’s world are kept in this sun-dried brick building. Check out for the Anasazi Indian artifacts excavated from the flooded Hoover Dam sites and ancient Native American tools.

If you are looking for long hours of family fun time among the Las Vegas family attractions, visit the Gameworks Arcade at the Showcase Mall beside the MGM Grand. Yes, you guessed it right – it is full of indoor games and video games. It is here that you can try out the tallest indoor climbing wall in the Country. In addition, there is a movie theater and abundant fast food halts. The Fremont Street Experience at the Downtown Las Vegas is something where you and your family will love to dance with great music and under grand lights. Have some fun with these bright lights as this street show slowly captivates your mind each night on the Fremont Street. It starts after every half an hour with no entry cost.

Now, get ready for some thrill via the Gondola Ride at the Venetian on the street of a mall. While being on this ride, you will be passing through the cafes and sidewalks. It is really the amusing one! Then, meet the celebrity at Madame Tussaud’s in Venetian and check out its amazing work. It is not only a museum but is a memorable exploration packed with much fun than expected.