Monday 17 May 2021

Lash Lift: Your Guide To Get The Perfect Dreamy Eyes

Lash Lift: Your Guide To Get The Perfect Dreamy Eyes

Are you not happy with your lashes? Do they seem droopy, thin and unattractive to you? Well, if they are then lash lift is the answer for you. Women are always looking for different and innovative ways to look more beautiful. But more often than not the process is either too expensive or simply time consuming. What women really want is a technique that enhances their beauty but requires little to no upkeep. So, that’s why we are bringing forward this effective solution named as Lash Lift that make your eyes pop and extremely gorgeous.

Lash Lift: Your Guide To Get The Perfect Dreamy Eyes

So, what is this lash lift? What does this procedure involves? How long it can be effective? These must a few of the questions that you must be wondering. So, let’s get to know this beauty technique in detail.

The Process:During the lash lift treatment, silicone pads are used that are moulded to the shape of your lash line from root. With the help of bounding gel, your natural lashes grip onto the pads in the upward and outward direction. Your lashes then point straight toward your brows without curling on itself. Some women prefer lift while others curl, lash lift caters to both the preferences.

After this, a perm solution is applied which is followed by a neutraliser. The beautician will then use a lash conditioner to nourish your lashes which are followed by the lash tint making your eyes pop.

Talking about time, it would take somewhere around 45 minutes to an hour for the whole procedure.

How long it lasts?:Generally, this will last for about 6 to 8 weeks. It is possible that it may even last for 12 weeks. To maintain an ideal and constant look, get a lash lift every 5 or 6 weeks. This will provide you with the best results.

Does it work best on certain lashes?:Lash lifting is suitable for everyone except a very small percentage of people. This treatment works best on medium to long length lashes that grows outward from roots. However, on short lashes, this procedure is not as effective because first there aren’t much eyelashes to work on and second they don’t grip upward onto the pads. For these people, lash extension is a better option to go for.

A low maintenance beauty treatment:While providing significant facial beauty enhancement, lash lift and tint requires very low maintenance. It actually creates an illusion of lengthy eyelashes that makes your eyes more open and attractive giving you a youthful look. The first signs of aging are noticed in the fine lines around your eyes. By making your lashes curl upward, it draws the attention to the lashes and away from those lines. Your eyelids will appear lifted and eye area refreshed with the help of this cost effective, low maintenance treatment.

Lash lift is an anti invasive treatment that doesn’t involve pulling the skin or injecting anything into your body. It simply gives an illusion of openness to your eyes and make you look younger!

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