Saturday 16 January 2021

Linux Shared Hosting A Beneficial Ground For Small Businesses To Start

Linux Shared Hosting A Beneficial Ground For Small Businesses To Start

Linux and Windows are the two most widely used operating systems. The concept of which operating system to use is not relevant to web hosting. But based on usage it can be said Linux is more preferred by the webmasters. It is a UNIX based open source code operating system and uses PHP, Python, Pearl, and CGI.  Windows hosting runs on ASP or ASP.NET and websites using this technology have to build their website on Windows platform. Linux comes free while Windows has some license fees to be paid for and this makes it a little costlier for usage.  Startups and small businesses prefer to go in for Linux shared hosting platform. Linux is also more stable and offers better features when compared to Windows.

Linux Shared Hosting A Beneficial Ground For Small Businesses To Start

Shared hosting is the most popular one and very cost effective. In shared hosting server resources are used by different websites. All the resources on the server like RAM, CPU, operating system, disk space and bandwidth are shared among the users. Since a new business is still not sure of the traffic and other resources it requires it is more feasible for them to launch on a shared platform and later upgrade to the other platforms based on the growth and requirements.

It would be appropriate to invest on developing their business first rather than on a higher hosting platform. A few points for them to consider before finalizing with a host are the price factor, client reviews, the plans and packages offered and the security and support system offered while buying the services of a Linux Shared Hosting providing company.

The advantages of Linux hosting are considerable

Linux shared hosting generally comes with the LAMP software to build and develop a website. LAMP expands to include Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP programming language. The Linux operating system is an ideal platform for people who look to set up their personal website or blog.

Price: Most important is the price factor. There are no license fees for Linux hosting hence all the plans start at a low cost when compared to other hosting platform.

Flexibility: With Linux one gets the choice of different distribution systems like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Mint Linux and many more. Joomla, phpBB, Word Press and Drupal are a few common scripts than run on Linux.

Better options: Linux hosting makes it easier for creating online e-commerce websites, blogs, multimedia applications, forums and more.

Reliability & Security: Linux shared hosting ensures better security against online theft and hacking. It is also more reliable than the Windows platform. Linux comes with pre-installed software and can be modified and extended as required. It has the capability to handle high processes.

Bloggers love the Linux shared hosting plans and look to it as a good platform to set up their website. Linux plans offer friendly user interfaces. It includes cPanel an easy to use next gen website hosting control panel system. It helps the bloggers in realizing their ultimate aim of catching the attention of visitors and audiences and ensuring repeated visits by users for any new content.