Tuesday 25 June 2024

Living The Dream, In Bali

Living The Dream, In Bali

With changing times, travelers and immigrants are now turning themselves into expats. And they’re proud of it. Who wouldn’t crave for a lifestyle, wherein, one can have all the time and financial freedom in the world, to do whatever one’s heart desires? If you’re looking to expatriate then give Bali a chance and later you’ll pat yourself on the back for the amazing decision. If you already are an expat, then you will gather a lot more awareness of Bali through this article. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a writer, painter, musician or an internet marketer etc. being an expat in Bali will give you all the opportunities to fulfill your greatest ambitions. Herein, you’ll find tips from real expats who are living, earning and enjoying in their new home—Bali.

Living The Dream, In Bali


The Internet Service Providers in Bali have exponentially increased their quality of service in the last decade or so. The cafes and restaurants near main roads have excellent internet service for short time travelers. Many online business owners and startups have moved to Bali because the internet service is hassle free. A nice option for an expat would be to share their internet connection with a local family. They’ll be happy to chip in and would keep it in use while you’re not there for a certain time.


Would you be disappointed if I revealed to you that traffic is mayhem in Bali? Since people from both Indonesia and foreign countries have been moving into Bali, it has eventually got congested in the process. Though the Government attempted to construct Dewa Ruci (an underpass), Sunset Road and a toll road running over the ocean to cease the road traffic still, the traffic in Bali seems to be overflowing. Learn to drive a motorbike and you’re all set to experience the best of Bali. You can either hire a motorbike for $50 per month or buy one for yourself at around $1,500. If the motorbike is something that you think you can never get used to, then private cars can be rented for about $500 per month. Blue Bird taxis are ubiquitous in Bali and will be at your location in 5-10 minutes from the time of the call.


Lifestyle in Bali moves according to location. Put in a simple way: the different areas—north, east, west & south—have distinct lifestyles. Your choice of area of expat depends largely on what you want out of Bali. Ubud is your area if you love a laid back town with artistic vibes, closeness with nature, rice fields, amazing cafes and yoga studios in around almost every corner. North and East Bali are for those who want to live in traditional Bali with a lesser strength of expats. South Bali is a larger portion of Bali, which includes Uluwatu, Sanur, Denpasar etc. Here, one experiences a faster lifestyle with a heavy population and traffic. Cafes, Yoga Studios and gym are a common thing in the south. The best part about South Bali is that you can always get a chance to party whenever you’re looking forward to one.


If you’re one of the few lucky ones who runs his/her own online business, then moving to Bali with your family will be more fun than you could ever think of. There’s no foreign country that can be as exhilarating as when you are with your better half and kids.

A Morning Walk

A pretty less talked about –or never talked about– among the scenarios of Bali is its morning walk. Bali is surely different between sunrise to 9 AM than the rest of the usual day. You can witness farmers starting their day in the rice fields, people cleaning streets, prayers and the smell of incense from a roadside temple etc. The beach, however, will have just surfers, joggers and dog-walkers.


I love elephants! So, needless to say, this place is one of my favorite spots on earth. In a 2 hectare piece of land in Taro, you can feed the elephants, take photos with them, get up close and personal with them, watch them ride, paint, relax on a lake, etc. Where on earth can you find the elephants painting? Here, you will. There’s also a 200 seat restaurant overlooking the lake which serves food from an international menu. The Elephant Safari in Bali is the only true and complete experience of elephants.

Low cost of living with all the amenities of a city and closeness with tradition, culture and nature, Bali is indeed one of the few places on earth where one can easily move to. Bali feels like a destination for expats. A destination that is free of worries and hassles. If you’re not an expat in Bali yet, then you should start thinking about it. There’s no better second home, you can find like Bali.