Tuesday 19 January 2021

Medical Education Grants- Reduce The Financial Cost

Medical education grants and scholarships are some of the best ways to reduce the financial cost of an education or prevent years of debt incurred by student loans. A degree in Physical Therapy is one path of specialization which is by no means excluded from the number of grants available that are profession specific.

Physical Therapy offers many branches as a career choice. After receiving the 4 year degree careers can be found in sports rehab or in hospitals, or any where in between. Where there are people with reduced physical mobility, there are physical therapists.

Medical Education Grants- Reduce The Financial Cost

Students looking to become educated in this field have a number of areas in which to find financial assistance for their schooling term. Schools, of course, are a good starting area for finding a scholarship. Individual colleges and universities each have programs worth looking into, such as the Kendall Scholarship fund which is sponsored by the University of Maryland.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has an extensive listing of field specific scholarships and grants in the section of their website geared strictly to future physical therapists. This site contains information for those with the career goal of physical therapy (PT) or physical therapy assistants (PTA).

Many private organizations are also a source that cannot be ignored when searching for financial aid for education. The Special Olympics Health Professions Student Grants is for any student pursuing a health degree, including physical therapists. Preference is given, of course, to those whose course of study is aligned with the Special Olympics. Those students who need financial support for their last year of studies may find themselves eligible for a grant from the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association. These are only a few of the options from private organizations to give you a basic idea of some of the private grants that can be found.

Changes in the way people live has increased the demand for more physical therapists. The stereotype of the older retiree sitting on their sofa is no longer valid…people are keeping active as they age. People of all ages are being encouraged more and more to participate in sports and activity. Where there are sports and other physical activities there are bound to be injuries; injuries may require a physical therapist. The amount of grants and scholarships available towards a PT education helps meet the call of increasing the number of professionals in this specific field.

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