Wednesday 01 February 2023

Message to the employees of McDonald: Break the food in tiny pieces to feel complete

Once again, McDonald is under the fire, this specific time for suggesting the employees to break up their food in very small pieces to get a feeling of full and also to sell the personal belongings on Craigslist or on eBay for making cash.

Such recommendations, along with various others, were also made public on this Tuesday when activist group gets Low Pay and which is not considered to be ok, which also promotes high level of wages for quick food workers, it is posted on the video on YouTube concerning the employee website of McResource.


However, the website of McResource is basically intended to assist the employees to cope with the health, stress as well as various other financial issues. Among their proposals were reducing the blood pressure by singing your favorite and beloved songs, “breaking food into pieces” and so you will get complete on less of them, and taking minimum of 2 vacations every year. However, the latter can be quite difficult for people who are working 2 jobs to make the ends meet finally, as the employee budget of McDonald where calculator was found to presume earlier in this year

Adding to this, this website suggested freeing up some amount of cash by returning the “unopened purchases” as well as “selling few of your unsolicited possessions which are no more required on Craigslist or on eBay.”

However, at one point of time, the website also told the employees to “leave complaining” for the reason those 10 minutes of complaining basically raises the stress as well as the level of hormones.

As per the statement which is given to the NBC News, McDonald’s even mentioned these “quick rotating tips” were basically taken out of the context by the Low Pay Is Not OK, so that much of this content of website is “based on the credible and reliable outside experts along with their advice which is well-published.”

The company even added that this content is usually produced by the independent company that they want to work with and wish to make “any kind of essential adjustments to information to ensure that it always stays the trusted, precise, as well as useful tool for the employees who select to use it.”

In the month of October, Low Pay Is Not OK was published with the recording which shows that the employee is calling on McResource website to request for the financial assistance. This recording made the waves for display operators telling woman to query about the food pantries and enrolling them in federal programs such as Medicaid and food stamps.