Sunday 19 May 2024

Movies And Its Role In Shaping Society!

Movies And Its Role In Shaping Society!

Movies are a powerful medium and like television, they have a similar advantage. They are known for their manipulation and motion. They also comprehend many messages and concepts.  Like for instance, if you have to create an awareness about a subject, it is easy for you to depict via television as a medium. Movies leave a significant emotional and social impact and this is the reason why they are really popular and widely in demand today.

Movies And Its Role In Shaping Society!

Responsible for Shaping Social Attributes

If you take a look at movies today, you will find that they are largely responsible in shaping social attributes. There are various concepts and messages that you pick up. JD Dukes is a movie enthusiast and he says that when you watch movies you will always find the characters influencing you in a number of ways- these ways may be good or bad.

Movies and TV are similar when it comes to influencing you and making you understand the different characters that almost seem real. If you take a look at the different characters, you will find that most of them resemble the people you may know in daily life. For example, take the case if Boss Hogg- the major protagonist of the popular TV series called The Dukes of Hazzards. If you take a look at him, you will find that he is not a good man for you to respect. He is always looking for ways and means to cheat people and extract money from them. Now, you may feel this is not good at all however when it comes to his popularity ratings, you will find that he is much loved by the audience.

Boss Hogg is the main attraction of the show and he is a protagonist with a difference. When it comes to his actions, you will mostly find that he is always scheming negative things and looking for nefarious plans. He is greedy and has a sense of style that endears him to his regular audiences. He is known for his trademark white suit and cigars. He is a wicked and bad person always trying to get more revenue via reckless means.

Why do Audiences Love Him?

Though he is an evil character, he is adored by audiences across the nation. His presence on screen has made the show really enjoyable. Many people often say that he resembles a person that they might know. The TV series has completed seven seasons and 137 episodes. In each of these episodes the character of Boss Hogg has evolved.

JD Dukes says that regular viewers will recall that he was in some episodes diagnosed with a fatal illness. He thought he was on the verge of dying and tries to become a good person. However, the moment he finds out he will not die, he is back to his dirty ways on extracting money from people in all crooked ways. Indeed, this character is one of a kind and hold massive sway on people who watch him!