Friday 19 July 2024

Moving Beyond Digital Skills To Digital Understanding

Moving Beyond Digital Skills To Digital Understanding

Startups or basically any other digital agency spends years to develop or build one’s digital skills but the world has digitized so massively that skills only aren’t sufficient enough. Well, it does sound practical when it comes to searching a job, booking online tickets, paying your child’s school fees online etc. Therefore it is said that in your day to day life and activities possessing low digital skills would mean you aren’t familiar with life’s basic essentials. But as far as a digital marketing agency is concerned, you need to possess a good digital understanding of digital skills.

Digital understanding is the ability to both, use technology and to comprehend, in real terms the impact that it has on our lives. It’s not the same as digital skills because digital skills mean that we can perform a task using digital mediums. Sounds too complicated, isn’t it? Let’s simplify this for you, but just a warning, this would take some time, so if you’re at home or enjoying a tea break at work, just sit back and let’s discuss it, in a more detailed manner.

Moving Beyond Digital Skills To Digital Understanding

Let’s begin, ask yourself these two simple questions;

Do you have any knowledge of how the internet works?

Are you aware of the power structure of the internet?

If you’re able to answer this, well and good but if you’re still struggling let us tell you what went wrong. If you do not understand what the Internet is all about, you have a long way to go folks!!

If you lack digital understanding but are keen on pursuing a career in digital marketing, do not step back, rather take a step ahead to acquire a deeper understanding of it. Look for it and you shall have it, short term courses into digital marketing are now available across several Institutes in Mumbai.

Short term course has been designed for both students and working individuals considering that attending a full term, 1-year course would not be possible for them. The purpose behind each module is to inculcate a better understanding of online marketing, how the internet can help in gaining better leads and conversions etc. As and when you proceed from one module to the next, your level of understanding too would increase and you’d soon realize that the Internet is a lot more than what you’ve ever thought about. In short, it would mean that you’ve moved beyond digital skills and are now stepping into digital understanding.