Thursday 20 June 2024

Moving Insurance – Everything You Need To Know About

Moving Insurance

Planning to move?

Whether you choose professional movers in Agua Dulce or do it yourself, you’ll need to consider moving insurance to cover the damage and loss of items while making a move. If you are new to the term, read this article carefully to educate yourself, so that no dodgy mover company even tries to deceive you.

For DIYers, skipping the insurance may work. But if you are hiring a professional mover and storage company, the need of getting the insurance coverage becomes a bit more imperative.

What are your moving insurance options?

Moving Insurance – Everything You Need To Know About

Moving an apartment or an office can be a cumbersome task. There are huge possibilities that some of your belongings, especially fragile one, get damaged or even lost on the way. Fortunately, Federal laws exist to provide the maximum protection to your possessions when they are relocated. According to these laws, moving companies are liable for damage and loss of goods they are moving.

Three types of moving insurance options are:

Full Value Protection

As the name suggests, this option provides the compensation equal to the full value of the lost, stolen or missing item. It is the best insurance coverage provided by some reputed moving companies. It covers the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged item. This option offers the maximum protection but comes costly for the customers. If you choose to reduce the level of coverage to make the cost budget-friendly, be aware that the level of protection is equally compromised.

Assessed Value Protection

If you have an item that is not too much heavy but is extremely valuable for you, opt for assessed value protection. In this moving insurance option, the cost of possession is considered in oppose to its weight. In short, for a specified amount of money, you can buy so much protection per $1,000 worth of value. If you are choosing this value protection plan, make sure you get you bill of lading in a written format. Otherwise, your moving company may not entertain your claim.

Declared Value Protection Based on Weight

In this cover option, your movers in Agua Dulce will consider the total weight of all your belongings and then multiplies the total weight by a particular amount per pound.

Moving Insurance – Everything You Need To Know About

Let’s understand it with an example: if the particular amount decided by the company is $4.00, and the total weight of your property is 20,000 pounds, then the moving company would be liable to pay $80,000 in case your property gets damaged or lost. The settlement in this moving insurance option is based on the depreciated value of the affected property.

Mishaps during a move are inevitable and unpredictable. If you think insurance increases your moving expenses, you can get only the most valuable possessions properly insured. If you pay for insurance policies, it will give you peace of mind that whatever damages, you’ll get the monetary compensation for it.

It’s advised to choose reliable movers in Agua Dulce who give the flexibility to pick the best insurance option according to your budget and preferences.