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North Vietnamese Travel & Tour Packages

North Vietnamese Travel & Tour Packages

The northern part of Vietnam offers spectacular vacation opportunities for those who want to see this culturally rich, geographically fascinating part of Southeast Asia. Vietnam has been a hot destination spot for tourist around the world and today the northern section of the country is receiving more attention.

Today, you can experience much of what Northern Vietnam offers thanks to several tour packages that are reasonably priced and provide a world of opportunity to immerse yourself in a world that is beautiful, friendly, and offers stunning scenery. You can choose to take biking trips, trekking through the open country, visit the many parks, and see the spectacular sights that only this part of the world offers for visitors.

North Vietnamese Travel & Tour Packages

North Vietnam Tour Packages

Of the several tour packages available, there are a few that really stand out as far as their destinations, accommodations, and unique experiences that they provide.

  • 3 Day Cruise
  • 8 Day Tour
  • 11 Day Travel Package

You can sail along from Hanoi to Halong Bay in three marvelous days that offer an exceptional view of this most amazing part of the world. The cruise itself is quite relaxing and you’ll be able take in the many different sites along the way. For those who wish to expand their journey, the 8 day package offers several destinations that include Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, and Lao Cai which is very popular and provide a slice of life in Northern Vietnam.

The 11 day package offers a very immersive travel plan which includes Hanoi, Ba Be Lake, Gioc Water Fall, Dong Van, Ha Giang, and Hoan Su Phi along with Sapa. The spectacular Gioc Water Fall is a highlight, but overall this is an excellent tour package.

5 Day North Vietnam Tour

The 5 day tour package is a very popular one and works quite well for first time visitors. Here, you start the tour in beautiful Hanoi where you will experience a wonderful water puppet show which is a Vietnamese tradition. On the next day, you will travel and see very important historical and cultural sites that includes Ba Dinh and the One Pillar Pagoda, an 11th century marvel that is supported by a single pillar. There are several more locations to visit before the end of the day that will provide you with a powerful glimpse into Vietnamese culture.

North Vietnamese Travel & Tour Packages

On day 3, you are off on a private boat trip to see Halong Bay and the many natural attractions that make this one of the most visited places in northern Vietnam. You will have lunch on the boat and visit many other locations that make for a fun-filled day of adventure. By the 4th day, you will take a small boat up the river to Tam Coc (“three caves”) which lets you see the fascinating geological formations that dominate the area.

By the final day, you are back in Hanoi to spend it as you please visiting the many shopping areas, the Ancient Quarter, the Royal City Mega Mall Tower, and Vincom City before you head back to the airport. All in all an exciting adventure awaits you when choosing from one of the many spectacular North Vietnam tour packages.