Saturday 13 April 2024

On A Budget Friendly Tour To The Hill Stations In The North

The northern part of the country is dotted with several fantastic hill stations with abundance of natural beauty. If you’re staying in the city of Delhi, visiting these hill stations on a minimal budget could be positively tackled if planned well in advance. Let’s take a look at some of these hill stations in north India, where you can enjoy a budget friendly tour.

  1. Nainital – With a massive and beautiful Naini lake at the heart of the city, Nainital might seem like a costly affair. But, if you look from a different perspective, you can actually enjoy the scenic locales of the hill station on a minimal budget. Located about 12 hours from the city of Delhi, you can use the state transport buses (which are comparatively cheaper) to reach the destination. Though the ride could be a little bumpy, the thought of reaching Nainital on time and without shelling out much is motivation enough. Also, instead of going for tour guides, you can simply get a traveler’s book and browse through the wonders of the hill stations. Though there are few cheap Nainital holiday packages which could be taken. Select a dorm to stay and enjoy the wonderful locations of the town.
  2. Shimla – The ‘queen of hills’ Shimla is a fascinating location to enjoy a budget friendly holiday. Like Nainital, Shimla is too an overnight journey from the national capital. Though there are state run buses, there are few cheap delux buses too. Also, Shimla can be real crowded during summer months. So, if you want to explore the hill station, try exploring it during off season when the hotel rates would be half too. Shimla’s filled with several student’s hostels and dormitories, where you get find bed bunks and sleeping bags at as low as 50 rupees a night! Jakhoo Hill, Ridge, Shimla State Museum, Summer Hill, Daranghati Sanctuary, Indian Institute Of Advanced Study, and Mall Road are some of the biggest tourist attractions in the hill station.
  3. Mcleodganj – Also known as the ‘little lhasa’, Mcleodganj is located at an height of more than 2000 meters above sea level. Once a summer retreat to the British, Mcleodganj is one of the budget friendly places in the north. Take a state bus to the hill station and you can find several cheap hotels and homestays with room rates as low as 250 rupees a month! Some of the famous attractions to enjoy are Bhagsu Waterfalls, Tibet Museum, Tsug La Khang, Triund, Dharamkot, St. John’s Church, and Tibetan Children’s Village. You can also look into various hill station holiday packages which are cheaper to the pocket.