Thursday 30 November 2023

Online Radio as a Form of Entertainment

Online radio is also often called as Internet radio, Web radio or e-radio. It is an obvious progression of the traditional radio. Thanks to the Internet technology, radio listeners may break through the usual limitations associated with traditional radio. The Internet is a useful modern technology and it can handle radio broadcasts that have been converted into digital data stream. Radio listeners are able to do the usual tasks,  such as listening to news broadcast, comedy programs, music, drama, talk shows and others. It is not necessary for radio listeners to stay in the normal signal coverage of the radio. With the Internet access, they can listen to their favourite radio stations from any place around the world. This can make the radio listening activity, become something more enjoyable.

Online radio software is available for all devices, including PC, tablets and smartphones. Some of the software has an interface that looks like a physical radio, where users can choose the frequency bands and adjust the volume. For this reason, users should use user-friendly online radio software with simpler interface. Just like traditional radios, users won’t be able to rewind and pause the transmission, although some software allows users to listen while recording the broadcast. A few software also able to automatically record broadcast of radio station at specific time, so when users get back from work; they can replay they broadcast.

Many Internet radio software is available for free, but they often have basic features; such as frequency and volume adjustments. Commercially available radio software may include additional plugins and other capabilities. Updates can be performed automatically if we have Internet connections. With the Internet radio, it is possible for Americans to listen to Japanese J-Pop music, likewise; Japanese may listen to latest American pop songs. Overseas workers may also listen to radio stations from their countries. Connections with the home country can be realized, thanks to the availability of the Internet radio.

It is also possible for computer users to listen to standard radio broadcasts. Radio FM feature is available in many smartphones, but can also be used on personal computers. USB radio tuner can be attached to laptops, so users are able to listen to standard radio broadcasts. They also come with built-in software, to allow users adjust the standard functionality of radio from the screen. They may also perform additional tasks not available in standard radios, such as adjusting the sound quality and recording the broadcast into the hard drive. When choosing for Internet radio stations, we may also get specific categories or music genre.

It is clear that the Internet radio can provide us with immense functionality. There are plenty of daily conveniences that we can get from Internet radio. We should be able to tune in to many thousands of radio stations around the world. As comparison, standard FM broadcasts in our area could be consisted only of a few dozens of stations, due to the limitations in frequency bands.