Tuesday 25 June 2024

Packing Tips For The Perfect Adventure Holiday

Packing Tips For The Perfect Adventure Holiday

Packing effectively to go on holiday is never easy. Somehow the suitcase is never quite big enough, and the things we want to take seem to grow in size and become more and more unwieldy, as we try to cram them into our luggage. We’ve all seen someone at the airport who has clearly brought too much luggage to cope with, and we’ve probably laughed to ourselves as that poor soul struggles along with all manner of bags and suitcases. For anyone going on an adventure holiday, the task of packing is even more difficult than normal, as there are a host of extra items that might be needed, from snorkels and flippers to crash helmets and wetsuits. To save you any embarrassing moments on your adventure holiday in Greece we thought we’d put together a few packing tips.

Packing Tips For The Perfect Adventure Holiday

How to Pack

Packing a suitcase efficiently is one of the first Zen arts. The aim is that by being smart you can fit more in. Rule number one is to forget about folding. You should lay all your clothes on the floor and then carefully roll them tightly. Anything stiff, like denim, that doesn’t roll easily should be folded and placed at the bottom of the suitcase. Next, place any bulky items like shoes and hairdryers in the case, using any cavities to fit in smaller items such as socks or bathing suits. Make sure that any toiletries or bottled liquids (sun lotion) are in plastic bags to avoid annoying spillages ruining your clothes. Now you can start adding the rolled up items. Place them around the bulky items, so that you don’t just make good use of the space but you also bolster items safely in place. Finally, on top of everything else, place anything important that you might need to access quickly (maps/information/contact details).

How not to Pack

One of the second Zen arts is not to pack too much. The difference between being a professional traveler and a novice is how much you pack. Like sportswear, holiday clothes should always perform a function. For instance, if you are planning adventure holidays in Greece you probably won’t need a dinner suit. That may be obvious but the simple message is don’t feel you need to maintain your usual look. Keep it basic and don’t take anything you won’t actually wear.

What not to Pack (in your suitcase)

There are some important items that you should keep close and only pack in your carry-on bag. Obviously your passport, insurance info, credit cards and cash. Less obviously, if you do need to take expensive jewelry, glasses or contact lenses then these should also be taken in your hand luggage.

If you Lose your Luggage

Should the disastrous happen and the airline loses your luggage, then you may well be pleased if you’ve made an inventory. This highlights another reason to pack light.

So the mantra we would leave you with is pack what you need and need what you pack.