Wednesday 19 June 2024

Packing Tips For Your Abroad Hen Do!

If you are heading on your hen do abroad this summer, we’re here to help you decide what to pack! You want to have the best time, but you also need to make sure that you stay safe, which is what we are here to help with. 


A Copy Of Your Hotel Address For Everyone

The first thing that you should take with you on your abroad hen do is to print off a copy of your hotel address for everyone. Even if you are going in a big group, people get split up and if someone’s phone has died and they can’t find anyone, they’ll need to get back to the hotel. So, if everyone has a little card in their bag, even if they do get lost and don’t have their phone, they’ll have the information they need to get back to the hotel. This is important to help everyone stay safe! 


Get Yourself A Big White Hair Bow

Next up, you need something fun that will show people you’re on your hen do, as you might be able to get a few freebies or upgrades during the trip! You could go with a veil, but the newest big trend is to wear a big white bow in your hair. This will look stunning with your white mini dresses or outfits, then the rest of your bridal party could wear little black dresses as a great contrast. 


Pre-Plan Your Outfits As A Group

To save space when packing and to also make sure that you are all following the same dress code! So, when you are planning the hen do and have decided the main activities you want to do, speak to your maid of honour and decide what people will be wearing on each occasion. Then, create an itinerary with the activities and the dress code for each night. This might be a black dress for the main night, a colourful swimming costume for a pool party and a fancy dress outfit for one night. Hen do’s abroad are expensive, so try to be mindful that not everyone will be able to afford lots of new outfits. So, perhaps suggest one new outfit and then the rest can be ones people are likely to already have. 


Plug Adaptors

This is a given for any holiday abroad, so we couldn’t leave it off the list! Do your research before you head abroad to make sure you buy the right travel adaptors. Take a couple so you have enough for your phone charger and then one other electronic decide you will need. Trying to share one plug adaptor will be a nightmare, so pack a few and you’ll be good to go! 


Share Toiletries With The People In Your Room! 

Our next tip is to share toiletries with the people you’re sharing a room with. Toiletries take up a big chunk of any suitcase, so the best thing you can do is speak to the people you’re sharing a room with a share! You can take any specific bits that you want to, but things like suncream, aftersun, deodorant and shower stuff can all be bought together and shared. You could even buy everything in the airport so you don’t need to take anything at all! 

Whilst we’re on the subject of sharing, why not figure out who else uses curlers or straighteners (if at all) and split those between you too! 


Invest In Waterproof Makeup

You’re going to want to look and feel your best on your hen do, and as it will be warm, you might want to get yourself some waterproof makeup. If you want to go makeup free throughout your hen do that’s great, but if you do want to wear some, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you can keep going all day long. Go with waterproof eyeliner and mascara, then invest in long lasting powders and foundations if you want to wear face makeup all day. When it comes to face makeup, keep it light and you have much more chance of it lasting!


Bluetooth Speakers

Another essential on our list are bluetooth speakers! This only needs to be a small speaker, but it is much better than playing music through your phone for the whole time. Whilst you are likely to be outside for a large proportion of the trip, you want some speakers for when you are getting ready to head out or having a few pre drinks! 


Final Thoughts

You’re going to have a great time on your hen do, as long as you get organised before you head abroad! This will make the whole experience much more relaxing, so you can just jet off and have the best time.