Monday 15 April 2024

Packing Your Shipping Boxes

No matter the reason you are packing boxes whether you are sending them to a family member, friend, or you are packing for a move, the way you pack the box is very important to protect the items inside. You always want to pack the boxes correctly to ensure that the items arrive to its destination just as it was when you placed it in the box. The best boxes to use are corrugated that are the proper size and weight for the items you wish to ship. Along with the proper boxes you will also need bubble wrap, shredded paper, or other cushioning material to help protect your items along with packing tape.

If the items you will be shipping are large or heavy items you will want to ensure that you use corrugated boxes that have been tested for the weight of the items as well as all other items you will be shipping. The boxes should be the proper test weight for any items you will be shipping. You do not want to over pack the box or it will not provide the best protection. In some cases, you may need special or custom boxes to protect your items if you cannot find the proper ones at the shipping company. You can order custom boxes from a box manufacturer or in some cases, the location where you purchased your original boxes.

Packing Your Shipping Boxes

Most shipping boxes come completely flattened. This means that you will need to reassemble them. You can close the boxes using either packing tape or in some cases staple them shut. For heavy items, stapling the boxes shut is the best choice. If the items you are shipping are breakable such as glass items, it is always in your best interest to wrap them properly using some type of cushioning material. Bubble wrap is often the best choice as it provides a very nice cushion for all kinds of breakable items. Bubble wrap should also be used even if the items are not breakable but you are adding various items in the same box that may mar or scratch other items in the box. You can also use Styrofoam material often referred to as peanuts or shredded paper if you would prefer this over bubble wrap. Styrofoam is often used for electronic items as it can be purchased with anti static properties to protect electronics.

After the box is full, chose it gently, but do not tape yet. Now gently shake the box. Do you feel movement? If so, then you need to add more cushioning to ensure the items do not move around and have the chance to become damaged. Once you can shake the box without movement, you can close the box using packing tape. To learn more about the proper way to ship all kinds of items, visit