Sunday 09 May 2021

Politicians of US run harm control in the visit of Berlin

German-US relations have frozen significantly over the previous months. It has been established by revelations of Edward Snowden, the NSA of US spied on the Germany more closely compare to any other country of Europe. Even the chancellor’s telephone was reviewed – and that though Barack Obama President has regularly referred to the Germany as only of his contiguous allies.

In the try to handle the damage finished by the spying scandal, two lawmakers of US are traveling on the Monday to Berlin. Congressman Gregory Meeks and Senator Chris Murphy und are to get together with their complements to explain plans for superior cooperation and control between German and US intelligence agencies. They aren’t planned to get together with the Chancellor.

It is a tragedy, supposed by Atlantic Council’s Jason Healey at the time asked regarding the scandal of NSA and its result on the ties of German-US. They do not observe enough readiness in the national security community of United States to make something like the types of restrictions or reforms that will be needed to make allies of Europe, especially Germany, feel extra relaxed.

The US keeps a great power in this area the earlier data security advisor of White House told DW that is added than eager to prolong spying. They have approximately all of the lofty soil in cyberspace. In bleak contrast to its greeting in the Europe, the scandal of NSA looks to have completed some waves in the public debate of US, as per to professor of international relations Charles Kupchan at the University Georgetown.

From 9/11, the complete issue of the association between security and privacy has been on the back burner, the previous director of affairs related to Europe at the NSA informed DW. The fight back against violence led to the intelligence society that almost certainly went very far. Information Technology expert Healey supposed that at the present time Europe had to do to stop any further growth of the disaster; the nastiest case situation would be a “collapse” in that the Americans will reveal the degree to that their partners assisted with the NSA.

Kupchan the European expert is sure that it would not reach that particular level: at the time this disaster blows more than, the lasting shock on the relationship of US-German will be slight. Importance of Berlin for the Washington will just cultivate as Germany takes on the ever more fundamental role within EU.