Tuesday 22 June 2021

Popular Attractions In England

There are many places we can visit outside London, here are some of them:

Popular Attractions In England

  • Bath: It is a very idyllic town in England and known for its beautiful surrounding. Although known as a beautiful town, Bath can be rather crowded during holiday season. It is the place where the popular Roman Baths are located. There are natural hot springs in the town and the places have been open to the public for centuries.
  • Oxford & Cambridge: Both are actually separate towns, but we can’t discuss one without mentioning the other. Both are heavily intertwined with the history of England and known for their universities. Both towns are sometimes called as “Oxbridge” and known for their beautiful architectures. In the older times, both times are known for their profound upper class and intellectual society. Oxford is the oldest university in Britain with 14,000 students and 36 colleges. Compared to other towns and cities in England, Oxford is relatively small, but it is still a popular destination. It is a good idea to visit Oxford when it is not very crowded. We also shouldn’t visit Oxford with car and there are reliable bus services that go from the city centre of London to Oxford. Cambridge isn’t far from Oxford and it is generally a very pleasant town, when not crowded with visitors. We should be able to do and see many things in Cambridge.
  • Stonehenge & Avebury: Stonehenge is a popular pre-historic archaeological site that was used for ritual and calendars. There are many theories about the origins and the function of Stonehenge, but it is very likely an astronomical observatory. It also has a major religious significance. Because there are many visitors that want to see the place, it could only be observed from a distance away, so it can be rather disappointing for people who expect to walk around the giant boulders. Avebury is a magnificent prehistoric site and located not far away from Stonehenge. However, Avebury is accessible to visitors and it’s certainly worth a visit.
  • Glastonbury: Glastonbury is located in Southwest England, in Somerset. It has a special significance for its popular festival. Glastonbury is also known as a pilgrimage location for people who believe on its special energy-matrix location and it is probably similar to the Sedona, Arizona. Lay lines are believed to be located close to the town. Glastonbury can have a legendary significance for some people, because it could be the actual location of Isle of Avalon from the tale of King Arthur.
  • Manchester: Manchester is known for its lively fine arts scene and very active nightlife. It is considered as a place where we could see examples of modern architecture. Visitors could see that it is actually the city of future. Unlike other cities in England, Manchester is known for its orderly layout and well-planned residential expansion. It is often compared in its modernity and uniqueness to Barcelona, Spain.


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