Friday 19 April 2024

REVIEW: Why Katy Tiz’s “The Big Bang” Should Be The Song Of Summer

REVIEW: Why Katy Tiz's "The Big Bang" should be the Song of Summer

Meet Katy Tiz. Born in London, the blond stunner is presently based semi-for all time in America. She chose to move in an effort to break into the American music scene and we’re so happy to have her here in the States. Her brand of offbeat and sassy popular music is exactly what we require this summer. Her newest album, single, “The Big Bang,” is mean for drives along the seashore with the windows down.

“The Big Bang” has a funkiness about it that seems fresh for the moment, but not entirely unfamiliar. It’s an amazing attitude reminds us a lot of a young Fergie. And the slightly urban feel of the track is reminiscent of that first big record from P! nk. Don’t get us wrong, we still love P!nk and Fergie. Possibly even more so than ever before. However, those ladies have come a long way in the last several years. “The Big Bang” feels like a slightly twisted step back into the recent past. It’s just so damn fun and not at all serious or sentimental.

REVIEW: Why Katy Tiz's "The Big Bang" should be the Song of Summer

iHeartRadio gave out awards for Best Lyrics and Best Fan Armies, which we thought were pretty cool. None of the winners would have made it onstage without the obsessive love that only true fanatics can dish out. They totally deserved to be recognized for all the heart and soul they put into sharing their favorite performers with the world. Meanwhile, “Best Lyrics” is a completely genius idea. It takes a lot of hard work to come up with the rhymes and insights the writers come up with. We’re excited to see that given major props.

Tiz is pretty proud of her new single, as well. We caught up with her at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and chatted with her on the red carpet. We asked her about the new single, as well as her new album, and she was thrilled to share her opinions of them.

“I’m so excited! I couldn’t buy it anymore if I tried, I think,” she said of the new single. When we asked about her new album, she added, “It is kind of a real part of me. It is literally a piece of me. Lyrically, I’ve taken my heart and put it on a page for everyone and I hope everybody relates to it.”

We’re excited for the new single, too, and can hardly wait to perceive how far it takes the charming Brit. Purchase the single as soon as possible. Then, go for a spin and wrench it up. You can thank us later.