Monday 15 July 2024

Running A Hotel- How To Handle The Laundry

Running your own hotel or restaurant is not easy at all. The hospitality industry has become increasingly competitive during the past few years, as a host of new businesses have opened up. Many people are attracted to this industry because of the lure of significant profits. After all, a successful restaurant or hotel could easily generate hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue each year. While this may seem like a pretty good idea, managing your hotel or restaurant can be a serious problem, especially if you don’t have any experience with how things are done in this industry.

Running A Hotel- How To Handle The Laundry

First of all, one of the biggest issues with running your own hotel or restaurant is that you never get an off day. In fact, on weekends or national holidays, most restaurants and hotels actually have to gear up so that they can receive and cater to a larger number of guests. People love eating out and evaluating their experience, and if a person is willing to pay a higher premium for the food or service at a hotel, they will obviously expect the very best that you have to offer.

Hotel managers generally have their hands full throughout the course of a regular day. Making sure that guests get the best possible service is very important. As a customer, you obviously won’t have to worry about the hundreds of different back-end processes that are carried out in order to make your experience at the hotel is memorable. When you make a reservation at the hotel, the staff immediately gets into action. They prepare the room, change the sheets, and set up new soaps and robes in your washroom.

Therefore, by the time you arrive at the hotel and check into your room, everything is spick and span. Every day, the housekeeping staff will go into your room, replace the sheets, and clean the place so that it looks brand new by the time you return.

One of the biggest issues that most hotels have to face is the management of different linen products. A lot of different kinds of linen products are used in a hotel. These include bed sheets, pillow covers, tablecloths, serviettes, and a lot more.

Generally speaking, most hotels tend to use white linen, simply because it looks clean, tidy, and also offers aesthetic appeal. However, managing white linen poses a huge problem. You will have to change the bed sheets on a regular basis, and replace the linen products if they get stained. How many bed sheets and tablecloths can you afford to keep in your hotel?

Furthermore, you will also need to spend a significant amount of money to set up a separate dry cleaning department to wash the linen cloths. While this isn’t a problem for larger hotels, small business owners generally face an uphill struggle when trying to find the resources to establish a separate dry cleaning department in their hotels.

So, What’s the Other Option?

If you can’t afford to set up a dry cleaning department in-house, you can hire a nationwide laundry delivery service provider instead. These companies offer an extensive range of different services, ranging from basic dry cleaning and full-scale linen hire to restaurant and hotel care packages.

How Does Linen Hire Work?

Linen hire services are generally used by a variety of different hotels and restaurants in the modern world. Rather than setting up their own dedicated laundry department, more and more hotels and restaurants have begun to use the services of linen suppliers. Basically, the company will ask you for your daily requirements of linen products. You will first state your requirements, such as the number of bed sheets, tablecloths, and other linen products that you require on a daily basis.

Once all the formalities have been completed and the contract has been signed, the company will deliver the linen products to your place of business on a regular basis. The company’s delivery van will supply fresh linen products to your hotel or restaurant, and they’ll take away the dirty linen at a specific time during the day.

It’s one of the most effective options for those who want a high quality supply of linen without having to pay over the top. Most of the companies that offer nationwide delivery services also charge a pretty nominal fee for linen rentals. They are able to take advantage of the economies of scale in order to provide a lower price to their customers. If you sign a contract for a longer term, the overall costs will decrease even further. Of course, you can negotiate with the company to bring the linen rental costs down as low as possible. Now that you understand you how linen hire works, it’s important to highlight some of the benefits that you get when renting linen as opposed to using your own.


Hotels and restaurants are hospitality businesses, and just like any other business; you will need to make a profit if you want to survive. In order to maximise your profits, you will need to reduce your operating expenditure. By renting linen products from an independent supplier, you will be able to save on the costs of setting up a separate department, hiring new employees (cleaners), and you’ll also avoid the monthly maintenance expenses, such as purchasing detergents, cleaning soaps, etc.

Instead of hassling with all of these monotonous tasks, you should hire a linen rental company instead. By doing so, you’ll only be responsible for paying a fixed fee each month. If there’s any issue with the quality of the linen products, you can immediately pick up the phone and file a complaint. The company will replace the dirty linens with new ones right away.

Less Hassle

Another benefit of renting linen rather than using your own is that it removes the burden from your company’s resources. Rather than devoting such a large amount of resources to simply cleaning and managing linen products, you could instead utilise those funds to improve the core experience for your clients. You don’t have to worry about replenishing the stock or replacing the linen products after every few months either!