Sunday 16 June 2024

Running A Preschool Franchise

An Exciting Prospect 

Running a preschool franchise offers exciting possibilities. The same however comes with numerous responsibilities as parents depend upon your commitment to take care of their children and groom them to be future ready. Entering the field of education on your own can be quite challenging making the franchise route a better option. Owning a preschool franchise is considered highly profitable in India. Parents like facilities that promise quality education and promise to take care of their children in their absence. After all, a preschool is meant to be a home away from home for the kids.

Running A Preschool Franchise

Visible Benefits 

The most visible advantage continues to be the ease of establishing such a franchise.  You are connected to a brand name that is already well established and follows a tried and tested curriculum. Unlike many other businesses, a franchise is lucrative as it does not require an exorbitant investment. The franchisor gives you a readymade business model, teaches you to manage your business thus making your task simpler. One is assured of getting the technical know-how and necessary support to run a franchise.

Basic Requirements 

 Opening a preschool franchise requires a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to succeed. One needs to invest a certain amount of money in the franchise in exchange for technical, administrative and managerial assistance. In addition to this, setting up a preschool franchise requires a commitment towards completing a basic training that helps you understand and manage the day-to-day functioning of a preschool. Above all, preschools require a strong commitment towards providing high quality education to children.

Selecting on the Right Franchisor 

There are many franchise options available today. So, how does one select the right franchisor? It is essential to do your homework and gather details of the franchisor you are considering to approach. The most important quality to look for is their experience and track- record in the field.  Studying the extent of their footprint across the country will also be of help.

Those with Experience are your Best Options 

Garodia Education has been pioneering quality education in the country for several years now and has established itself in different education segments including preschool franchise. Beehive, Garodia Education’s chain of preschools is known for high quality of providing high quality of care and education to children and support to franchisees. Franchisees are also assured of professional assistance and training to walk them through the initial stages of setting up the centre. The help provided by Beehive, not only prepares the franchisees to handle the day to day operations of a preschool but also sets them to be more successful in their ventures.